Chengdu High-tech Zone to promote traffic safety and civilization activities

2022-06-16 0 By

Redstar News (reporter Song Yating) On April 2 reported that as people’s work and life pace accelerated, the demand for takeout and express delivery was geometric growth.While providing convenience to people, under the requirement of punctuality, takeout food delivery drivers and express delivery drivers have become increasingly prominent in running red lights, speeding, driving in the wrong direction and distracted driving, and related traffic accidents have also increased.Today, “into the prevention of work-related injury ‘civilized comity safety travel’ thematic publicity activities held in Yintai City Yue Fang commercial street, through a variety of forms such as propaganda, further enhance their safety awareness and prevention of work-related injury awareness.The reporter learned that the event was sponsored by chengdu High-tech Zone community development governance and social security Bureau, chengdu Baiqing Human resources Service Co., LTD.Activities aimed at the new employment form flexible employment personnel, organization jurisdiction over 90 “Meituan”, “hungry”, “the jingdong” part’s take-away meals and Courier, in Yintai city square to carry out targeted traffic safety centralized preaching, key to common traffic violations, warning take-away meals and express delivery member obey the traffic rules,Do not ignore “safety” in order to “be on time”. While serving customers, we should also pay attention to our own cycling safety and resolutely abandon bad traffic habits.Event had invited professional doctor for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), wound hemostasis, fracture fixation site first aid measures such as training, explain and demonstrate the fracture in plain language, bruises, cardiac arrest emergency first aid measures, such as vivid explanation, intuitive operation take-away meals member and the delivery men who understand the basics of first aid.At the same time, to warn broad customer, is less urged more waiting and understanding, advocating common to create a safe and smooth traffic environment, the event using the peak at noon meal, issue surrounding enterprise employees with industrial injury prevention, traffic safety propaganda, will spread to more of the concept of civilization comity society,Interactive games such as “Looking for truck blind spots”, “Traffic signs to fill in and see” and “Traffic signs to collide” are set up on the scene, so that the participants can have an orderly experience in VR experience area, safety interactive experience area and industrial injury policy consultation area, and further enhance the awareness of industrial injury prevention.