Real time road condition of Yinkun Expressway huize section

2022-06-15 0 By

Huize High-speed Traffic police at 22:00 on February 19, 2022 control road conditions issued:Due to the continuous cooling, the road has frozen, and the lowest temperature is minus 4°, which is no longer suitable for traffic. In order to ensure safety, the “road three parties” have negotiated, in accordance with the provisions of Article 40 of the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”,From 22:00 on February 19, 2022, two-way traffic control will be implemented on the section of G85 Yan-Kun Expressway from Yan-Yi To Kazu. The control point from Zhaotong to Kunming will be set at the Yan-Yi interchange, and all vehicles will be controlled. Vehicles heading for Kunming should exit at the Yan-Yi toll station.The control point from Kunming to Zhaotong is located at Kazhu Interchange and Banpo Interchange. All vehicles are under control. Please get out of gongshan Toll Station in advance and take gongqiao expressway.Vehicles that fail to enter the toll station choose to delay their journey.The end time of the control is to be determined. Please arrange your travel time reasonably and listen to the command of the traffic police on site when passing this section and wait for the passage.Huize high-speed traffic police wish you a safe journey!Alarm hotline: 1100874-5661766.