Qingping: Draw strength from the fighting spirit of Chinese women’s football team

2022-06-15 0 By

Recently, The Chinese women’s football team has defeated the Japanese and Korean women’s football teams, winning the Asian championship again after 16 years.The women’s football team’s rousing victory won national acclaim, with the People’s Daily commenting that the team was an “epic turnaround and fantastic knockout” and “worthy of all praise”.The key to the success of the women’s football team lies in the “spirit of women’s football” of working together, being good at fighting and fighting to the end.Contemporary young people are the new force of the development of the party and the country. They should actively draw strength from the fighting spirit of The Chinese women’s football team and fight to the end to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Make concerted efforts and forge ahead in unity.Football is won or lost as a team, not as an individual.Only when all members work together and forge ahead in unity can we win the final victory.For the great cause of the Party and the country, progress is inseparable from the efforts of individuals, but no matter how capable an individual is, he or she cannot decide everything at one stroke.As Xi Jinping has pointed out, “Upholding politics with a clear banner and ensuring party unity, centralism and unity are the life of the Party. They are also the key for our Party to become a major Party for a century and create great undertakings in the new century.”If the country is a huge machine in operation, each of us is a “screw” on the machine.The function of “screw” plays an integral role, and the operation of the whole machine depends on the connection of each “screw”.Some young people accept the political experience of collectivism education is less, easy to make exquisite egoism mistakes, is not conducive to the overall work of the overall advancement.As we embark on a new journey, we must resolutely prevent and oppose erroneous ideas such as individualism, decentralism, liberalism and departmentalism. We must unite our minds and work together to make individual contributions to the success of the whole.Grind the stone into gold.The Chinese women’s football team can not only kick the ball, but also play well.On the field, the players attack and defend in an orderly manner, changing from time to time, successfully coping with all kinds of tests and challenges that change rapidly.Dare to struggle is our party’s distinctive character, and good at struggle is a magic weapon for us to achieve all the victory.To be good at struggle, we must not only adhere to the principle of struggle, but also pay attention to tactics and methods and the art of struggle, and strive to achieve the unity of strengthening the sense of preparedness and maintaining strategic determination, of strategic judgment and tactical decision, and of the process and effectiveness of struggle.General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that young cadres should “consciously strengthen the experience of struggle, learn to struggle in the struggle, grow and improve in the struggle, and strive to become brave and good at fighting.”For young people, growth is not achieved overnight, nor is it done once and for all, but to continue to struggle in practice, withstand the test.A sword must be sharpened on a stone, and a man on a deed.Through the wind and rain, see the world, strong bones and muscles, in the fire really “stone into gold”.Towards the new journey, young people are going to study in the struggle of the Chinese women’s team is good at crucial spirit, the courage to face the problem, analytical problem, must fully grasp the historical characteristics of new great struggle, accurate strain, initiating change, change, the scientific knowledge in good dirt chess, play ZhuDongZhang, constantly resolve path foreseeable and unpredictable risk challenge.Stick to the original aspiration and fight to the end.Looking back at the Chinese women’s football team’s turnaround in the field, this victory is hard-won.In the face of disadvantages, The Chinese women’s football team always maintains the fighting spirit of fighting to the end.The same must be true for advancing the great cause of the Party and the country. We must stick to our goals, and work hard to implement them from the beginning to the end.At present, century-old changes and the epidemic are intertwined, difficulties and challenges are on the rise, and the struggle is protracted, complex and arduous.As we embark on our new journey, young people should have the courage to face up to severe situations and struggle tasks, dare to attack and win, stay true to our original aspiration and fight to the end, and work tirelessly for China’s prosperity, national rejuvenation and people’s happiness.Source: China Youth Online