Folk tale: The wagon got stuck in the mud and the three men helped the man to push it out. The father said they were long gone

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This article is chapter 1024 in Folktales. If you like folktales, come back and read it often!During the Reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, there was an old man named Zhao Wucheng in Jingdezhen. He worked as a kiln worker in a porcelain workshop in the town.Three of them were a little older than he and were very close to him. The four families often helped each other and felt like brothers.One night, when zhao and his three friends were having a drink together, the older one said, “We four brothers have sworn to each other. We should share the same fate and happiness in the future. If anything happens to any of us, we must take good care of his family!What do you say, brothers?”When the other three brothers heard this, they all rose and raised their glasses in praise, and all four bowed their heads and drank.One day two years later, zhao went to the kiln with his workmates.Zhao old man carrying the burden to pick clay sculpture, suddenly he heard a “rumble” sound, he quickly turned around, this look, let zhao old man’s heart into a throat.The kiln had been razed to the ground, and what worried him was that three of his best brothers had been working there.The old man threw down his load and shouted as he ran.When the three brothers were dug out, they were already dead.Zhao was heartbroken and conveyed the news to the families of the three brothers.Three days later, Zhao old man with three families will be buried brothers.The old man was honest, honest and loyal. He thought over and over what his brother had said that day: If any of us had an accident, we would take good care of his family.”Brother told me before, now they have an accident, only I survived, I must fulfill the promise!”Zhao old man secretly said.That night, zhao said his opinion to his wife, Li Shi agreed with him, but they are also ordinary people, where is the rich silver to support the other three families?”We four brothers a, you and I try to help, at least to live up to our conscience!”Zhao said to his wife, Li shi did not refute after hearing this, she nodded forcefully.Since the three brothers were buried, Zhao and his wife have been saving and distributing the money to the three brothers’ families, doing their best to help them.During the Festival, Zhao would buy something to worship at the graves of his three brothers.After many years of this, zhao Desheng, the old man’s son, had grown up. One day, he went home from the town and helped a man on his way. The man was a businessman.Later, Zhao Desheng in the merchant’s help, in the countryside began to buy and sell medicine.In less than a year, Zhao desheng’s business was booming. When he was about to go home to visit his parents, brother Erwang in the village found him and said in a panic, “Desheng, your father is ill. Your mother has sent me to deliver a message.When Zhao Desheng heard that his father was bedridden, he was very worried. When Erwang brother left, Zhao desheng handed over the shop to the businessman to take care of it.That day, Zhao Desheng hitched up a carriage, took silver and goods, and drove the carriage to his hometown.After walking for two days, I was finally close to my hometown.In order to get home quickly, Zhao desheng did not stay overnight.On the evening of the third day, Zhao desheng reached his hometown and continued to walk to the village without stopping.Suddenly, a strong wind blew from the north, and the sky was covered by a few black clouds.Zhao Desheng looked up at the sky and said, “Bad!The rain is coming, but we are still some way from home, and the path outside the village is rough and potholed, which will make it even more difficult if there is a heavy rain.”As Zhao Desheng thought, he lifted his whip. The horse’s pace quickened and he hurried home.After a while, the rain came in torches, and Zhao desheng was soon wet. He did not care so much, but hurried back to cover the goods on the cart.When they reached the path outside the village, Zhao jumped out and led the way with his horse.The path is usually potholed and neglected, and in heavy rains it is so muddy that passing cars often get stuck in puddles.Zhao desheng knew, so he took extra care on this part of the path.He led the horse in front, walking carefully, and the horse followed and slowed down a great deal.Suddenly the night sky lit up, followed by loud thunder.Startled by the thunder, the horse threw back its head. The REINS fell from Zhao desheng’s hand and the horse began to run.Zhao desheng was surprised and hurried after him.The carriage had been about ten feet when it suddenly stuck.Zhao desheng heaved a sigh of relief and ran after him. When he picked up the REINS, his heart sank: one of the wheels had sunk deep into a big pit.”Fear is fear!What is to be done?”Zhao desheng wiped the rain off his face and began to tug at the REINS.Though the horse tried hard to pull it, the wheels, which were stuck in the pit, would not come up.Zhao Desheng worried, now what to do?When Zhao Desheng is at a loss, suddenly come over from a distance three people.In the pouring rain, it was not easy for someone to come. Zhao Desheng was overjoyed and hurried over.When Zhao Desheng approached, he looked through the curtain of rain and saw that the three men were about the same age as their father and their clothes were somewhat torn. They looked at Zhao desheng expressionlessly.Zhao Desheng ignored these and quickly said, “Three uncles can you help me? My wheels are stuck in a deep pit. Now my father is sick in bed, and I am so worried.Three middle-aged people looked at each other, one of them said: “Your father is zhao Wucheng?”Zhao Desheng was overjoyed and nodded: “My father is Zhao Wucheng!Three uncles know my father?””More than knowing each other, the four of us are both workmates and sworn brothers of jinlan. What happens to you is what happens to us three. Don’t you go to the front and lead the horse, and we three help you push the cart!”When the man had finished, the other two stooped to push.Zhao Desheng was so happy that he quickly turned to lead the horse. With a wave of his whip, the horse made a little effort and the carriage came out of the pit.After a few steps, Zhao stopped his horse and turned to thank his three uncles.But when he turned, and was about to speak, he saw that the three uncles had disappeared.Zhao Desheng quickly looked around, but he could not see the three uncles.”Strange!How did you go so fast?I haven’t thanked you yet!”Zhao Desheng muttered, then got into his carriage and hurried home.When Zhao Desheng got home, he saw his father lying on his sickbed. Tears came out of his eyes. He knelt down and kept calling for his father.Mother came over and said, “Son!You needn’t worry. The doctor saw your father today and he suddenly turned around. If he takes some medicine in the soup, he will be well again.”Hearing his mother’s words, Zhao desheng was relieved.After a while, his father woke up. After a long time of concern, Zhao desheng told the story of the heavy rain on the road, the muddy carriage, and three unknown uncles helping to push it.”Ah!Did you say those three were my workmates and sworn brothers of jinlan?”Zhao Wucheng said in surprise.”It is!The three uncles say so.”Zhao desheng replied.”It’s them!They are my brothers!”Zhao Wucheng said that, two lines of tears immediately flow out.Zhao Desheng unknown, so Zhao Wucheng will be the truth of the matter said to him.Chao Desheng was surprised and asked, “Dad, they have been dead for many years. How could they possibly show up in the sun?””Such is the obsession of the brothers!”Zhao Wucheng will these years, he and his wife to help their family said out.Zhao Desheng heard the words suddenly realized, he said softly: “parents to their kindness, they know, when my carriage into the mud, they will cross Yin and Yang to help me in time, is really rare!””Ah!Go worship them tomorrow!Their graves are on the path outside the village.”Well!Father, tomorrow I will buy some things and pay a visit to you.”After Zhao desheng finished, father and son chatted for a while.The next morning, the heavy rain had stopped, zhao desheng bought some things and went to the grave of his third uncle.He laid his offerings, paid a few obeisance to the graves of his uncles, and then turned away.After half a month, Zhao Wucheng really recovered, which makes the doctor is puzzled, Zhao Wucheng ha ha smiled, said in the mind: “Is it three brothers in bless me, let me escape the disease, thank you for the three brothers!”And Zhao Desheng in the merchant’s support, business is doing more and more prosperous, he and his father never met a disaster, this may be with his father’s good deeds can not escape the relationship!Disclaimer: Folk stories are intended to explain the secular truth to the world and convey positive energy.