DIY “Bing Dwen Dwen”, Bao Tang Yuan…Watch us play the Lantern Festival

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The warmest player lights at the most fine world noisy when the old saying “not out of 15 are years” when the Lantern Festival activities and the top flow network red “ice pier pier” overlay collision minhang district gu Mei road streets of the Lantern Festival “fireworks gas” full, experience feeling “pull full”!To enhance the sense of belonging of migrant workers to Shanghai youth within its jurisdiction, the acquisition, the ancient beauty street communist union of Shanghai tunnel cao bao road 2 standard league branch into the construction site, to carry out the “youth warm, minhang there is love, build a warm heart city” Lantern Festival activities, organization work far from home to Shanghai youth, youth groups celebrate yuanxiao emerging field.Dumplings DIY big Lantern Festival, how can get a bowl of steaming dumplings.Knead dough, mix stuffing, rub tangyuan, boil tangyuan, the activity scene is very lively, young people now learn to pack, orderly division of labor, soon a colorful tangyuan shining on the stage.In addition to the common round dumplings, everyone also gave full play to their creativity and made creative yuanxiao in different shapes. With laughter and hot air, the festival atmosphere was thick.After tasting the fruits of their labor, the young people also distributed the boiled glutinous rice balls to the migrant workers on the construction site. They sent the best holiday wishes to the urban builders who stayed on their posts during the Spring Festival, so that the young people who came to Shanghai could feel the warmth and care of the league organization.”Ice pier pier” freedom “outside a pier hard to find, I did not expect to achieve here ice pier pier freedom.””Said a young man from Shanghai who participated in the activity while learning from the teacher.On the Lantern Festival, the street Youth League committee invited Li Guoqing, the teacher of Shanghai intangible Cultural Heritage dough figurine, to bring “Bing Dwen Dwen” dough figurine to the young migrant workers in Shanghai.With the basis of the previous package yuanxiao, we kneaded dough figurins to also handy, under the guidance of the teacher, a vivid “ice dun dun” was born in the hands of young people.Experience and promote the traditional culture at the same time, with practical action for the Winter Olympic athletes cheer.The laughter not only continued the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, but also narrowed the distance between different groups.In order to let more people in the festival feel the community and all walks of life care, enhance their sense of acquisition and belonging.The Youth League Working Committee of Gumeilu Subdistrict and the Youth League Branch of Caobao Road 2 actively carried out public welfare activities, visited and visited the teenagers from poor families and the elderly living alone in the surrounding communities, sent them gifts of condolence and festival wishes, strengthened the close contact with the youth in the community, and gave full play to the role of grassroots youth league organizations in serving the community.Youth public welfare does not “close”, in the future, Minhang will continue to carry out all kinds of “warm heart” activities, expand the area of work within and outside the youth groups and emerging areas of youth groups coverage, improve the urban community “temperature”.At the same time, we will further focus on the disadvantaged youth group, establish a one-to-one pair model, send love and warmth to them, so that the youth together and healthy growth.