CCTV5 live!Wei Shihao partner 2 big naturalization, Li Xiaopeng change, the national football team’s new first 11 people came

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After the Asian Cup match between China women’s football team and Vietnam women’s football team, the next round of 12 matches between China men’s football team and Vietnam men’s football team will be broadcast live on CCTV CCTV5 channel at 8pm on the first day of the Lunar New Year.Since arriving in Hanoi, Vietnam, the National football team has directly entered the technical and tactical and formation drills, the front media reported that the national football team will use attack formation to defeat the Vietnamese team.Back in the first leg last year, then-coach Li Tie put Wu Lei, Aiksen and Zhang Yuning in a 4-3-3 formation, and sent Alan on as a second-half substitute to score three goals in a narrow 3-2 win over Vietnam.In terms of the overall strength, The National football team is still superior to the Vietnamese team. In addition, this game is a battle of honor. Li Xiaopeng knew that the National football team could not afford to lose and could not make trouble on the first day of the New Year.Before the training, Wei Shihao accepted the media interview, for the understanding of the Vietnamese team, the national football striker said that the strength of the National football team is definitely stronger than them, as long as the normal level of play can certainly win.In addition, Wei shihao’s expectations for the match emphasize that he hopes to bring a good victory to fans all over the country on New Year’s Day.Against Japan on a WeiShiHao substitute, to complete the team’s most threatening a shot, almost free kick score directly, in addition, WeiShiHao up front positive ball breakthrough, self-confidence is very strong, this is better than starting in lei, the latter play not enough self-confidence, fans call Li Xiaopeng let WeiShiHao more worthy of starting, let lei playing better.The national football team against Vietnam’s game, the main offensive football is certain, must break through the goal of Vietnam, good at holding the ball breakthrough and grasp the opportunity of stronger Wei Shihao has the hope of starting.In addition, Luo Guofu lifted the ban back, can be with Alan, Zhang Yuning partner, plus Wei Shihao, the national football front attack quartet surfaced.In the midfield, Wu Xi and Xu Xin are the main combination of the midfield, veteran Hao Junmin is really older, under the situation that the national football team is likely to adopt the main attack strategy, Kim Jingdao and Dai Weijun are difficult to start.At the back, Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai, Zhu Chenjie and Wang Shenchao are the main team, while Yan Junling, Wang Dalei and Liu Dianzuo do not have a chance.The Chinese women’s football team easily defeated the Vietnamese women’s football team in the last eight of the Asian Cup, so the Chinese men’s football team should not give fans trouble during the Spring Festival.