30,000 tons of oily wastewater are treated every day

2022-06-15 0 By

Oily wastewater can be produced in many industries, such as food industry, petroleum refining, coal chemical industry, coking plant, chemical plant, ship cleaning, machinery industry, metal processing, steel plant, special steel, paint, animal and vegetable oil industry, tanneries, aluminum processing, copper wire drawing and so on.The amount of water in various industries of oily wastewater are different, some of the coal chemical industry and large iron and steel enterprises the effluent water reached 30000 tons a day, every day for 30000 tons of water reuse technology on oily wastewater treatment needs every day, so that meet the national water resources recycling policy, it is also the route of water treatment will go for the long-term development.30000 tons of daily oily wastewater treatment is generally gravity oil separation, and then reverse demulsifier + polyacrylamide + air flotation or filtration, and then into the membrane filtration system, water reuse.Reverse phase demulsifier is of great significance for the complete removal of trace emulsified oil and dissolved oil. A good reverse phase demulsifier can remove oil to 0.05 PPM, which is of great significance for the protection of later ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.