Time is running out for the main force, the main board again test pressure, gem rebound continues!

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Friends, hit the face, Shanghai index is really too strong, unexpected, today continue to impact up, do 3500 points on such a go up?It feels like a dream!Gem refers to the rebound in the cycle.Of course, it is good to go up, I hope we can play a few more times, so that it continues to go up, up everyone will be happy, no matter which plate layout, are round, all give us meat!Before the festival, after the festival is so comfortable, between the plate, there has been a strong rise in the trend, the low chip is held, but the profit of the chip to stop surplus?By midday, the Shanghai Composite index was up 0.35 percent, the Chinext index was up 1.46 percent and the Shenzhen component index was up 0.78 percent.Keep bouncing, that’s a beautiful thing!Today, northbound funds finally began to flow, inflow of 2.809 billion, the main capital inflow of 5.024 billion, since the foreign capital continues to flow, it seems that my worry is redundant ah.The word of number of rise or fall, rise has 2237, drop 2272, a flat state, make money effect is general, the number of rise limit has 65, rise more than 5 have 128, drop stop only 6, drop more than 5 have 49.In the industry sector, the biggest gainer is energy metals 5.96%, fertilizer industry 4.32%, environmental protection 3.83%, the biggest faller is the hotel, engineering consulting services.Concept plate words salt Lake lithium rose 6.35%, blade battery rose 4.92, today’s new energy vehicles, new energy, are salt lake lithium to bring up, as long as the mood arrived, we all feel good, have come, have gone to the entrance!Index analysis of the Shanghai Composite index below the gap did not fill up, took a three Yang trend, today morning back to step on the 5 daily average and began to pull up, the willingness to do more is quite strong, now it is a three Yang.Today again test the pressure of the 20 average, after just went to the 20 average, and was hit down.So it’s not a reversal, it’s a successful dip!Now the distance from 3500 points is one step away, leaving the main force of the time is not much, if not rushed up, then will come back, I am not worried!In the afternoon, if you rush up, the space above will be opened, so you can basically set the tone here to finish building the bottom!Gem refers to, today is still in the rebound cycle, today is the salt Lake lithium led disk, today is the fourth day, we talked about 3-5 days, if tomorrow to go up again, there is also a pressure, just 5 trading days!There is pressure, will certainly be concussion, will be back to step on, do not go to break the new low, or in this box, so it means here to open the horizontal disk.I have talked about the big trend many times, this should always be kept in mind, do not blindly optimistic!Plate plate words today I and my fans said that part of the lithium material price continued to rise on the 16th, electrolytic cobalt rose 1000 yuan/ton;Battery grade lithium carbonate rose 8500 yuan/ton, the average price was 430,000 yuan/ton;Lithium hydroxide rose 10,000-12,500 yuan/ton.There is a price rise, will it be the same as rare earth, to a wave of rise, the result of a direct jump of 6%, then led by the new energy sector is also a way up!But we still mainly look at the upstream lithium mine, that is why, can rise in price ah, not affected by some external factors!Today is a soil repair, because there was a soil survey yesterday, the news of the environmental protection plate is also up, a jump up the sun line.Nonferrous plate words, today is also very good, our planning is to see the pressure in the end how to go, now has broken through, the average also began to slowly turn the head, the next is to look for some opportunities!New energy goes up again the pressure that went up to 20 average day line, what should do at this time?The trend is still downward!And color is different!Since the experience of the medical sector, I will be more inclined to the right side of the trade, after my style may change, the left side is really difficult to grasp!To sum up the Shanghai Composite Index 3500 points has been a test, if this really want to directly up, the next is liquor and big financial to drive, entrepreneurship refers to the words, continue to rebound, waiting for the bottom!# Daily fund board comment # Original is not easy, feel useful click like + attention.See you in the comments section if you have any questions!Little little rocket want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to small mu investment notes