The latest news from the Africa Cup of Nations is that the English Premier League striker has scored Senegal to reach the final just ahead of Egypt

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The first semi-final of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations kicked off on Sunday morning (Beijing time) with Africa’s world Number one Senegal taking on little surprise horse Burkina Faso at The Eichjo Stadium in Ahmeddo.Manet has scored in one game and set up an assist in the other to propel Liverpool into the quarter-finals.Burkina Faso is in the last eight of the shock elimination of Tunisia to advance.Senegal had the upper hand in the early stages, playing with more than a touch of intensity, but also a dull and slow game.The referee awarded a penalty in the 30th minute when Kouyate was brought down in the penalty area by the attacking goalkeeper Kov, but the penalty was cancelled after the VAR was confirmed.In first-half stoppage time, Senegal forced their way down the left side of the defence, and a scramble in the middle of the penalty area led to a suspected foul by Tapsoba. The referee again awarded a penalty, this time with a yellow point, but the penalty was again cancelled after the VAR was confirmed.Senegal broke the deadlock 1-0 in the 70th minute when coulibaly stole a corner from the right and diallo poked the ball into the back of the net.Just six minutes later, Senegal were pressing high on the left and Mane forced a breakaway from the baseline. He then turned the ball back into a triangle for the biscuit. Guaye followed up with an easy push to give Senegal a 2-0 lead.Burkina Faso then stepped up their attack. In the 82nd minute, they moved to the right side with a quick push from the middle. Kabore followed up with a low cross, toure followed up with a push from the penalty spot, and Burkina Faso pulled one goal back 1:2.Senegal, however, did not give Burkina Faso the chance to equalise. Five minutes later, Senegal broke the ball in the back, saar set up a precise stopper from the centre circle, Manet ran in at high speed for a single goal, facing the attacking goalkeeper, Manet easily picked up the ball and Senegal sealed the 3-1 victory.Horses shot, the game spread within the African nations cup knockout stages is shot 2, led for years, in the African cup of nations final Senegal third of this century, in the African cup of nations final only four times in Egypt, but the title in Senegal is a bit miserable, after they lost 2 times into the final, and Egypt are complete in three successive championships.After Senegal reach the final first, they could face Egypt, who face hosts Cameroon in the early hours of tomorrow morning for the other place.