The city’s preschool education has developed vigorously

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In recent years, our city actively explore preschool education reform and development of new way, through the leading support promote the development of pre-school education steadily and the deep affection to improve quality of teaching staff construction, many measures and expand pre-school education resources, go all out to continue to strengthen the standard behavior of kindergarten, scientific wang enhance the level of pre-school education quality measures, such as preschool education career development good momentum.There are 158 kindergartens in The city (including those under construction but not yet in operation), among which 43 are public kindergartens (including 28 that are converted from class to kindergarten) and 115 private kindergartens, with 3,059 faculty members and 25,489 children in kindergartens. The gross enrollment rate of preschool for three years is 96.20%, and the universal benefit rate of preschool education is 81.33%.There are 101 grade-level kindergartens in Yunnan province, accounting for 63.93% of the total, including 23 grade-level kindergartens, 68 grade-level kindergartens and 10 grade-level kindergartens. (There are 6 grade-level and first-class kindergartens: Dali Kindergarten, Shimonoseki No.2 Kindergarten, Dali Kindergarten, Affiliated Kindergarten of Teachers and Regulations, Dali Mingzhu Kindergarten, Shimonoseki No.1 Kindergarten and 3 Grade-level and second-level kindergartens.Xidan Kindergarten, Dali City No. 3 Kindergarten, Dali City No. 4 Kindergarten, grade 1, grade 3: Xiyao Nursery Kindergarten).Dali Normal Affiliated Kindergarten won the honors of National Football Characteristic Kindergarten, National Campus cheerleading Promotion and implementation unit, Xdian Kindergarten won the honors of National Home Co-education Demonstration Kindergarten, Dali No. 3 Kindergarten won the honors of Yunnan Provincial Outstanding Private Education Kindergarten, Yunnan Provincial Youth Civilization Number.In the next step, the city will continue to promote the implementation of policies such as “Several Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Deepening reform and Standardizing Development of Preschool Education” and “Dali City’s Overall Plan for Promoting Universal and Inclusive Preschool Education”, and improve the kindergarten system of “government-led, social participation, public and private”.We will increase the supply of public and universal preschool education resources, build a contingent of high-quality preschool teachers, and improve the overall operation of kindergartens. We will increase universal preschool education resources through multiple channels, and improve the public service system for preschool education that covers both urban and rural areas with a reasonable layout.Chen Xingfu statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: