“Spring Walking grassroots” GUI Chengjian 22nd bus on New Year’s Eve

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On January 31, 2022, bus driver GUI Chengjian and his wife spent their 22nd New Year’s Eve on a bus.17:40, the sky is dark, every family New Year’s Eve dinner fragrance urged pedestrians to speed up the pace.GUI Chengjian driving Anhui F08237D 10 bus from the end of the first xiangshan Park station, 3 minutes later to xiangshan Road vegetable market platform.”Wow!It’s so festive in the car!””Lanterns, paper-cuts and red carpets are full of New Year flavor!””Just like it!Happy Chinese New Year, you are also on duty.Mask up, hat boy!””Master GUI, it’s the credit of our sister-in-law again!””Yes!Shu Yun, praise you!Hold on and go.”With a smile, Zhao Shuyun gave up her position as a security officer to a child.”Lao GUI made this carpet to order.Round the corner, hold on!””Isn’t my sister-in-law retired?””I have been running on this line for more than ten years. I am familiar with it. There are many people in the Spring Festival.Bus No. 10 is one of the most important lines in the city, with parks, schools, markets and hospitals all along the way.GUI Chengjian has been on this line for 22 years.His wife, Zhao Shuyun, was a security officer on his car until she retired last year.In Huaibei, GUI Chengjian this name may be a lot of people are not familiar with, but if the other way, whether you know that no. 10 bus driver out of the ordinary, a lot of people will say “I sat that car!”Different because of him and his “warm” bus.”The bus is my second home. All the passengers are my family.”This is a word GUI Chengjian often says.The only four-star driver among more than 500 bus drivers in the city is not only a model worker of the national transportation system, but also the “old cattle uncle” of children and the “master Laurel” of the old people.His skilled driving skills and patient and meticulous service earned the respect of passengers, some of whom even waited for him on the platform, even if it took more than 10 minutes.His car, from diesel to.Gasoline arrives electric again, always summer has flowers and plants, winter has cushion, reflect the warmth of the home everywhere.Along the way, GUI chengjian steered the car smoothly, while his wife Zhao Shuyun carefully observed the passengers getting on and off the bus.Husband and wife make a good team.18:13, Zhongtai Square West station platform, a large family fuelage platform waiting.GUI Chengjian steadily parked the car, the front door close to the platform.”Don’t worry, Maester, I’ll wait.Uncle Lee!For the hotel at this hour?””Rightness, ordered a table New Year’s eve dinner, front two station, today all plan to drink some wine, did not let the child move car, estimate feel you should come.”When the old man got off the bus, he handed zhao Shuyun a bag of things. “The burnt leaves (local snacks) will fill your stomachs later.Don’t say no, it’s not good.””Thank you, Uncle Lee!I’ll take it.”As night fell, the neon lights on both sides of the road became more vivid, and the car gradually emptied until only two people were left.Zhao Shuyun silently sat behind the driver’s seat.18:55, the bus into wanxi Jiayuan first and last station.Outside the window, a familiar figure waved at them, is laurel Lin.Originally, the daughter wanted to give them a surprise, cooked dumplings brought over.Opening the lunch box, GUI Chengjian directly picked up two dumplings with his hands and stuffed them into his mouth. “I’m really hungry, my daughter is fierce, no broken skin!””Rush hands, chopsticks!””Usually is to see my mother, rotten I picked out.””Not bad, worthy of the name ‘small cotton-padded jacket’.””It’s cold. Don’t come tomorrow.”…A family of three briefly reunited on a bus on New Year’s Eve.19:10, GUI Chengjian drove the bus into the night.Huaibei city media center all media reporter Huang Shun statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn