Shanghai grannies are so good at dressing up, they look cool and down-to-earth, even more fashionable than post-90s girls

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Saw so many city street pats, this thought Chengdu already is the hipster gathers, will not dress all dare not go to Taikoo li, however after seeing Shanghai street pats, I was surprised, a lot of fashionistas, in front of Shanghai grandmas, is not worth mention.Although they don’t dress up as elegantly, they look even more fashionable than post-90s girls in their cool, down-to-earth outfits.After seeing them, I instantly comprehend, beauty and age are irrelevant really, any age layer has distinctive aesthetic feeling, want you to hold good spend only, calculate a full face furrow also can be very beautiful.In order to have a unique self, don’t believe in the saying, “you should do what you are your age.” All the rules are set by ordinary people, which is not true at all.You know what they say about age?I’m sorry. I’m just breaking the rules. I’m young.If the woman’s face had been covered, no one would have noticed that she was an old woman, young and energetic in a hoodie and black stretch pants, as if riding a bicycle for five miles at a stretch would not be tiring.If you are youthful, no amount of youthful grooming is out of place.In real life, if a woman is 25 and still wearing lolita, it is easy to be mocked as pretending to be young.But a man is a teenager until he dies. Why can’t a woman be a princess all her life?Although the grandmother figure is not good enough, but she looks very domineer, dare to be yourself.This confidence alone makes her seem extraordinarily attractive.Many fashion bloggers teach that mature women need to be decent. They should choose basic clothes and skirts that don’t fall below the knee, otherwise they are not elegant.However, beauty is more than elegant. It is more important to create your own style than to follow the trend and pursue modesty.After all, everyone’s temperament is different. When you are young, you are a cool girl. There is no need to change yourself when you are old.In most places, old people are almost all dressed in the same way in the square, so dark that it is hard to tell who is who.Many older people resist bright colors for fear that they will stand out from their peers.But we only live once, and we don’t live by the judgment of others. The older we get, the more colorful life we have to make it worthwhile.It is better to start with the color of the clothes and make a beautiful scenery line.Shanghai grandma is really fierce, many clothing styles are very ordinary, but because of her color collocation is very wonderful, so that the whole person looks different.In the picture below, she is wearing a plaid vest that every grandmother in the country has. She also wears sleeves to work. At first glance, she looks like an ordinary housewife.But with the same color palette all over her, she made the old age standard look modern.In particular, the orange color of the collar turned upside down echoed one of the gloves, which made me feel that she was not going to the vegetable market, but to the show.The biggest difference between these grannies and those fashion bloggers who are specially dressed to be photographed on the street is that their sense of fashion is integrated into the daily life, and they are not deliberately dressed up. Many of them even carry grocery bags in their hands, but when matching colors, a snap looks like a magazine cover.As the grandma blue and red shoes, her clothes are actually the most common style and color of the elderly, look not how is unique, yet her hand carry this is like a packed lunch box office worker heat preservation bags, is ugly, and the color of the shoes perfect collision together, let a person feel as if you can be very western style.If you want to look stylish, you don’t have to wear the trendiest clothes, wear the most exquisite jewelry, and wear famous brands.Real advanced feeling, it is you dress up at will, clean and relaxed, in the most daily wear build reveal a kind of not common collocation ability, as if your fashionable feeling is innate.Even if you’re carrying a grocery bag, this outfit doesn’t feel cheap, it feels down to earth.After all, a perfect shape needs a person to carry it all the time, but life is not only leisure and loose, when you are too tired to feel powerless, too delicate will appear awkward.Create a relaxed atmosphere right from the start, where romance and life can coexist.And only if you accept the changes in your appearance and exude confidence from the bottom of your heart can you have enough aura.For those who have white hair more than half of the grandmother, in fact, it is really not recommended that they go deliberately dyed black hair, one is to keep complementary color on the scalp will cause certain damage, the second is natural white hair, in fact, very good-looking.Age is big can have the problem that the skin is dark heavy, black hair actually appears more dark dark heavy, and natural white hair is like playing light board, can make the person looks at color a few better.Seeing these daily photos of grandmothers, I really feel that they are too good at dressing up. Some of them are dressed very ordinary, but they give people a sense of fashion.Some people dress up fashionable, did not pursue excessively however delicate, blend in a few daily sheet to taste, appear bearing and calm instead, as if their fashion is not laborious, just daily just.LZ# brand goods ## fashion style wear #