I am on duty during the Spring Festival

2022-06-14 0 By

The annual Spring Festival travel rush is the busiest time for railway workers.Luan Xiaoyu, a post-00s girl.She is an assistant duty officer at Zibo Station of Zibo Vehicle Service Section of Jinan Bureau of China National Railway. This year is her first Spring Festival travel rush in railway work.As a young railway veteran born after 2000, she regards the Spring Festival travel rush as her first gift after working.This Spring Festival, Luan Xiaoyu has to work at her post. It’s a little regrettable that she can’t accompany her parents, but she thinks it’s meaningful to serve more people to go home during the Spring Festival.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Liu Lanhui, correspondent Liang Zhaofu, And Liu Wei report) Responsible editor: Zhang Zhaoxing, sign review: Liu Zhijie, view the number of the author: Dazhong Daily