Foshan net review | Looking for a job “open blind box”?More gimmicks than substance

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Help candidates choose the right job, find untapped opportunities, and “come back” multiple times?During spring recruitment, a shenzhen-based company posted a job Posting titled “blind box position” on its recruitment website, which has sparked heated discussion among netizens.It is understood that the position is mainly aimed at job seekers who are not sure what position they are suitable for.The job description reads: ‘HR can select a relatively suitable position for the applicant, and when the desired position is filled, the applicant will have multiple opportunities to be’ resurrected ‘and transferred to other positions in the process.’Based on the resume, interview and other recruitment links to identify and match, provide a variety of job options, on the surface, “blind box recruitment” for the lack of job hunting experience of fresh graduates have a certain positive significance, can avoid it in order to fit the job requirements and “cut feet”, alleviate the problem of job mismatch.But think about it, through an interview, you can recommend the right position, obviously untenable.Interviewers are not mind readers. It is difficult to get a comprehensive understanding of a person’s personality, driving forces, values and other comprehensive factors through the interview, which can be as short as a few minutes or as long as half an hour, let alone carry out multidimensional evaluation and accurately guide the selection of a suitable job.Resurrection opportunities, on the other hand, are more like job rotations, in which frequent shifts of uncertainty can lead to a loss of direction and sense of belonging.Blind box hiring is nothing more than a marketing ploy.This unprofessional approach of “gimmicks over substance” not only saps job seekers’ enthusiasm for their careers, but also makes them less aware of proactive thinking.It is worth noting that the employment relationship between enterprises and individuals should be established on the basis of sufficient information exchange. If an individual applies for a “blind box position”, the enterprise requires to give up the right to choose the job and must accept the assignment, even if there are several “resurrection” opportunities to transfer to other positions.May also violate the “People’s Republic of China labor law” in “laborers enjoy equal employment and the right to choose occupation” provisions.Encounter afore-mentioned circumstance, applicant can go to the labor inspective branch of seat of unit of choose and employ persons to complain inform against, safeguard individual lawful rights and interests.Obviously, “blind box job” cannot provide sufficient information for job seekers, and it is hardly a responsible behavior for both enterprises and job seekers.For the new workplace, rather than “undecided, open a blind box”, completely give the choice to the recruitment enterprise, rather in the job before fully consider, plan to determine their desired industry and position, towards this direction and goal forward.The blind box job also raises an age-old question: Can everything really be a blind box?As a matter of fact, blind boxes are highly entertaining and symbolic, which naturally limits their application scope in life consumption, literary entertainment and other fields.From pet blind box to single blind box to express package blind box, the “rollover event” also reminds us that not everything can be operated with the idea of blind box.In January this year, the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Supervision issued the industry’s first compliance guidelines for business activities, standardizing the business scope, value and mechanism of blind boxes.In a situation of increasingly strict supervision, it is time for Blind Box to look back at his original intention when he set out.As for the blind box from the original entertainment logic, for the professional work of matching people and posts, here the contradiction and tension is more obvious.In terms of nature, blind box job is a match with strong purpose orientation and limited information, which cannot bear people’s dual desire for efficiency and quality of match. It is better to return the job applicant to the “opportunity” selection based on personal ability and enterprise position.The above articles are the author’s personal opinions and do not represent the views of this website.Copyright notice: all articles marked as the source of foshan news are foshan news original works, copyright belongs to Foshan news all, please be sure to indicate the source and author.Violation of the above statement, this network will investigate its relevant legal responsibility.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: