Five hundred directed “dress up” today, Song Jia Yuan Wing yi workplace confrontation

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China Youth Daily client Beijing February 7 (China Youth Daily · China Youth network reporter Shen Jiequn) today, directed by five hundred, Lei Zhilong scriptwriter, Song Jia, Chen He, Yuan Yongyi, Zhang Chao, Wang Yaoqing, Song Zuer and other starring urban workplace drama “Dressed up” in the Dragon TV broadcast, and in the youku online.The play tells the story of fashion magazine “dress up” in the transition of the unexpected face editor vacancy and a series of stories.Why does “dress up” have to be a dress?What is “dressed up”?It’s an attitude. It’s a breath.In the trailer, Chen Kaiyi (Song Jia) opens with a clear message of her philosophy.As the deputy editor of the fashion magazine Dress-up, she grew up with the magazine and brought with her “queen” aura, which made her a strong candidate for the editor’s post.But editor George’s sudden fall, let “dressed up” internal people feel insecure, more in the industry to stir up invisible waves.Appointed by the headquarters, from Hong Kong “parachuted” chief editor Xiao Hongxue (Yuan Wing Yi) menacingly, she attaches importance to the power of capital and adhere to the “content for the king” Chen Kaiyi stand is completely different.”Dressed up” internal also began to decompose, usually busy but orderly magazine, at this time suddenly the wind and clouds, dark cloud pressure city.The TV series “Dressed up” is written by lei Zhilong, a young scriptwriter with 7 years of media work experience. His big-screen masterpieces include “Nobody”, “The eleventh time” and “Hello, Crazy”. “Dressed up” is his first original series written independently.Deng Li, former editor of Marie Claire, and Cui Dan, former fashion editor, serve as the chief fashion planner and image consultant of “Dressed up” respectively, escorting the professionalism of the series.As for the story, the show opens with the death of George, editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine Dressed-up, which is a true reflection of the workplace as the mansion is about to collapse.Source: China Youth Daily client