Challenging the “bottom line” of epidemic prevention will harm others

2022-06-14 0 By

At noon on April 5, the Suyu Branch of The Public Security Bureau of Suqian city issued a warning notice which attracted attention: on April 3, two people were found to be positive in nucleic acid screening at the isolation point in the area.It has been found that they deliberately concealed their travel path and contacts during the process of receiving relocation, which caused the spread of COVID-19.It is not known that this kind of behavior not only brings great hidden trouble to the epidemic prevention overall situation, but also is suspected of breaking the law. The public security organ has registered the case and will investigate the criminal responsibility according to law.Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, the whole suqian city has earnestly implemented the deployment requirements of the central government and the provincial government on epidemic prevention and control, adopted precise policies, implemented all prevention and control measures strictly and quickly, and made every effort to build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.However, epidemic prevention and control is not only the work of prevention and control personnel, but also requires the active cooperation of the whole people. In particular, in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, active reporting plays a very important role in early detection, diagnosis, treatment and timely cutting off the spread of the virus.However, there are such individuals, with a fluke mentality, not only do not take the initiative to report, but also deliberately conceal their itinerary, leading to the epidemic prevention department unable to identify the source of the spread of the epidemic in the first time, “tearing open the gap” to the overall epidemic prevention of the city brought great harm, causing irreparable serious consequences.Such harmful behavior must be dealt with in accordance with the law and never connived at.We need to make more efforts and not make trouble. We need to protect our own responsible land.Everyone is an important link in the chain of epidemic prevention and control, and everyone is an important line of defense. No one can stay aloof from epidemic prevention and control.Taking the initiative to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures is not only a matter of personal ethics, but also a legal obligation.Willful behavior and refusal to cooperate are not only unprofitable for individuals, but also likely to directly lead to the regional spread of the epidemic, threatening the lives and health of thousands of people.Therefore, everyone should protect his or her own “responsible land” with cooperation, understanding and support, which is the best “assist” for epidemic prevention.We will severely crack down and severely punish them, and all localities should draw up legal “red lines”.Prevention and control in accordance with the law means that all those who endanger the “chess game” of epidemic prevention and control must pay the price.Such acts that endanger society and public security have completely broken the double bottom lines of morality and the law, and must be severely punished in accordance with the law.Local governments should draw a legal “red line” that cannot be touched before the “line of epidemic prevention and control”, severely punish illegal and criminal acts in violation of epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law, and warn those who are numb, lucky or lazy, so that those who act recklessly will be discouraged.It’s up to you and me to stop the epidemic.To fight and win the battle against the epidemic in Suqian, we must think in the same direction and work together. There must be no “blind spots” for epidemic prevention and control in our city, let alone “people outside the law”.As long as the 5.92 million Suqian people can go all out, unite as one and defend firmly with confidence and courage, we will surely be able to protect our urban homeland.(ling feng)