A pair of King fried +4 five Changan Auchan X7PLUS show the strongest domestic SUV bottom brand

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A pair of king blast + 4 five changan auchan X7PLUS show domestic SUV strongest card domestic SUV models, is a Chinese car companies in the joint venture auto enterprises confront, take the most shots category, sales volume has transcended the most joint brand models, formed the domestic down the momentum of the joint venture, this also for the domestic SUV latecomers, brings more challenges and difficulties,It is no longer possible for domestic SUVs to gain a foothold in this field just by imitating their predecessors.As a newcomer to the market soon, Changan Auchan X7PLUS is well versed in this way. At the beginning of the market, changan Auchan X7PLUS showed a strong bottom card, breaking through the ceiling of the configuration value of the same level with one blow, and bringing product power far beyond the expectation of user value.It is also said that Changan Auchan X7PLUS is changan Auchan brand “new force”, which is not only to say that Changan Auchan X7PLUS has new strength in the product level, but also because as the first flagship model of Changan Auchan PLUS series, it is advocating a new way of life, which is a new way to penetrate into the details of consumers’ life.A pair of king Fried models bring a whole new way of life as we know, today’s young people, is never content with the status quo of generation, they are not content with the boring life in the city, is looking for a suitable new way of life, or in the work, about friends, fishing together in the countryside, or during the holidays, XieQi tape, to an unforgettable camping,They hope that their cars, in addition to carrying and transporting, will also help them in their new lives.Changan Auchan X7PLUS launched two “King Fried” models: camping version and fishing version to meet similar consumer needs.First of all, Auchan X7PLUS provides a body of 4730mm*1870mm*1720mm in length, width and height, and creates an ultra-long wheelbase of 2786mm, providing comfortable large space for drivers and passengers, and a comfortable environment for family trips. If the second row of seats are put down,The space of the back compartment extends from 650L to 1407L, which can hold more than two sets of fishing equipment and two sets of outdoor tents at the same time.On the basis of the large space of the current model, the fishing version is equipped with a trunk on the roof. For night fishing enthusiasts like us, two or three people driving a Changan Auchan X7PLUS can hold all the equipment.Similarly, camping edition models also have corresponding equipment, the most practical is the roof mounted remote searchlight and camping tents, can provide enough lighting conditions in the field for the consumer, in order to select the best camping sites, this I also have experience greatly, although I am not the campers, night fishing enthusiasts, but as a senior at night fishing, also to be resettled tent,, often night fishing or camping places, is a lonely place, the surrounding lighting conditions, can only use the lamp lighting before, but because of the low light position, lighting effect is not good, many DiaoYou for this with a searchlight on the roof, and changan auchan X7PLUS camping and fishing editions of equipped with 12 v car power, you can freely lighting.Keeping car owners on the move at night would also work.Said this is a pair of king Fried models, because auchan X7PLUS camping and fishing editions of vehicles, to satisfy the consumers in detail place for the pursuit of the new lifestyle, predictably, driving a fishing or camping car travel edition, consumers won’t put the auchan X7PLUS again as a transport, but partners with the same hobby,This partner can help us pursue a new way of life.Changan Auchan X7PLUS fishing and camping models can help owners to pursue a new way of life, in addition to increasing more user-friendly equipment, but also benefit from changan Auchan X7PLUS another bottom card: four five advantages.4 five is to point to what, generalize to say is five leading industries, five leading at the same level, five industry initiative, five daquan system standard.Then these four five can become changan Auchan X7PLUS winning bottom card, with what advantages?Specifically, five industry leading, is the use of auchan X7PLUS industry leading blue Whale new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection motor, for travel injection of strong power, can easily cope with a variety of complex road conditions;Equipped with Geeker internal and external dual-camera face intelligence control system, not only keyless access, but also at the moment the owner gets on the car, through face recognition to complete personalized Settings;52 omni-dimensional NVH solutions in the whole car ensure the quiet space of 37 decibels breathing level in the car;The vehicle is equipped with industry-leading speed 8-core chip to ensure the reaction speed of vehicle and machine;Breathing ergonomically comfortable seats with 20,000 microfiber leather perforations for maximum ride comfort and ease of fatigue.Five level of the leading, is 7730/1870/1720mm cross-class body, for travel to provide ample space;Full-scene OnStyle3.0+ intelligent car control system, making driving easier;3.96mm breath level mute glass, always reject noise outside the window;The industry-leading APA5.0 one-button parking system can handle any complex parking space;Blue Whale 7 speed wet dual clutch transmission for a smoother ride.Five industry initiatives, respectively, Baby in Car child care model;The industry’s first space leisure chair;The industry’s first flexible subframe;”AGILE” air diversion type efficient ultra-clean combustion system and original clairvoyant remote video system.Five daqo series standard, refers to the entry level models and fishing version, fishing version are standard with the new generation of Blue Whale NE series engine;75% high strength steel ring body;PM0.1 high efficiency antiviral filter;Split LED crystal transparent headlamp;Flexible subframe.With the advantages of these four five, Changan Auchan X7PLUS is made into a comprehensive king model of home travel with high appearance level, high configuration, high-tech sense and high safety, which can meet the requirements of owners for multiple travel scenes and life scenes.It is not difficult to see that, in the finished product level, Changan Auchan X7PLUS in the same level of competitive products, do the ultimate.And for consumers to better transport experience, auchan X7PLUS at the service level, also do ing, changan auchan car through building data integration system and platform, ensure consumers only need a whole platform generic ID, can link all auchan Style the client, consultants, end, shop, car machine end “four one”,The whole network triggers the opening of data flow, business flow, communication flow without breakpoint, to realize the value of customers, stores, brand co-creation and sharing.In order to allow owners to quickly and professionally solve the problems encountered in the process of car use and car maintenance, Changan Auchan Has established an exclusive butler service group for owners of Changan Auchan X7 PLUS.This group is constructed in the form of 1+X, that is, there is only one customer (which may include his relatives) and multiple service personnel (which includes dealer personnel and headquarters function personnel).Dedicated management group to achieve customer problem initiation – problem resolution – problem satisfaction – problem closure of the closed loop of the full link management.In other words, Changan Auchan provides a full range of services for car owners. The client will push direct comment coupons according to the service satisfaction, and then the service will make real-time adjustments according to the content of the coupons.To ensure that consumers’ opinions are timely feedback, effective feedback, the service will be clear, practical, completely solve the worries of consumers car.Ghost elder brother notes: Changan Auchan X7PLUS show the bottom of the card that moment, destined this car will become the winner of the SUV field.This card is not to emphasize how much auchan X7PLUS itself reserves the technical force, but through these technical forces, Changan Auchan X7PLUS for consumers to create what kind of new life.Whether it is new appearance level, or new technology, or new technology, ultimately is to serve the new life, only products and consumers resonate, the model will have a new future.The event will run from March 17, 2022 to March 17, 2022