A letter to hazardous chemical enterprises in the region

2022-06-14 0 By

Attention to the public account, promote positive energy all hazardous chemical enterprises in the region: Law back to the spring gradually, everything starts to renew, in the coming of the New Year, in this beautiful moment to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, Tongzhou District emergency Management Bureau would like to extend good wishes and New Year’s blessing to the hazardous chemical enterprises in the region.In 2021, the district all dangerous chemical enterprises seriously implement the country, city, district about safety in production a series of important instructions, stick to the safety in production line, firmly establish a “people first, life first” concept, to further improve safety consciousness, safety production responsibility, further implement safety production management level to further improve,For the sub-center of high quality development to provide a boost.At present, it is around the Spring Festival, which has always been a period of frequent and easy occurrence of work safety accidents. In addition, the Winter Olympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games and the national “two sessions” will be held soon, so it is a great responsibility to do a good job in the current safety prevention work.In order to further do a good job in production safety, the district emergency Management Bureau reminds you to do the following:One is to fully understand the Spring Festival and the winter Olympics and winter paralympic games and the national “two sessions” (hereinafter referred to as “) during the Spring Festival and major events during the extreme importance of safety in production work, to strengthen the political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, from the most harm to think, to the most good effort, time tight security this string, strengthen the consciousness of hardship and bottom line of thinking, vigorously promotes the work carries out,We will resolutely prevent and curb all types of workplace accidents and create a safe and stable workplace safety environment during the Spring Festival and major events.Second, we must earnestly implement the main responsibility for production safety, strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, and earnestly find loopholes in management, so as to ensure that responsibility for each link is clear, measures are in place, and control is orderly.To the hidden dangers and problems discovered, to establish a ledger, implement rectification item by item, can not be rectified immediately, to formulate and implement strict preventive measures.Third, it is necessary to strengthen emergency guard, strictly implement the system of leading teams, make ready emergency relief supplies and equipment, improve emergency plans, carry out emergency drills, and ensure that emergency situations can be quickly dispatched and properly handled.Fourth, before the resumption of work and production after the holiday, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive safety inspection, organize a safety training and education for all staff, and organize a safety inspection before the resumption of work and production, so as to ensure that there is no safety and production.In 2022, we will focus on production safety, strengthen service as the concept, meet the needs of enterprises, help enterprises need, solve their problems, and help enterprises improve their essential safety level.On the occasion of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, we would like to express our heartfelt blessing to all units that have been concerned and supportive of hazardous chemical safety supervision for a long time. We wish the enterprise safe development and prosperity, and wish the employees a happy holiday and happiness.Tongzhou District Emergency Management Bureau January 29, 2022