Zhangjiakou district bus team 701 “strangers” : friends are transported is true feelings

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Live broadcast on February 16, “since the start of the competition, Zhangjiakou district bus team bear in mind the mission, initiative, flexible scheduling, as needed to meet the needs of training and competition, to show a good image.This letter from the national Cross-country Ski Center venue operation team, let Shijiazhuang bus aid Olympic transport support team 701 members feel warm.It was just one of many thank-you letters received by the zhangjiakou bus team for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The Zhangjiakou Area bus team, jointly established by us and Zhangjiakou Bus Company, is responsible for the transportation of 299 athletes and team officials from 54 national Olympic Committees (regions) at the National Cross-country Ski Center, commuting to the winter Olympic Village, hotels and venues almost every day.”Guo Yingli, secretary of the temporary Party branch of shijiazhuang bus aid Olympic traffic support team, told reporters that entering the closed loop means that during the Spring Festival can not be reunited with their families, but after receiving the Olympic aid guarantee task, many people have volunteered, volunteered, hoping to use their own strength for the Winter Olympics.”We selected responsible and skilled drivers and experienced and skilled management personnel, and conducted English, etiquette and other contents of the study and assessment.We hope that through our careful service outside the stadium, we can better present China’s enthusiasm and good image to the world.”Guo yingli said.Since The arrival of 24 advance personnel on January 7, the Olympic traffic support team members arrived in three batches according to the traffic support requirements of the competition area. At the same time, the three-level management mechanism of management personnel, team leaders and team leaders was enabled.”The working environment is new, the operation line is new, not only test drivers’ driving skills, but also test their psychological quality and adaptability.A lot of our work is learned while practicing, while summarizing and improving, every day after the car to review the day’s work.”Guo yingli said.In order to practice the “green Olympics” concept, zhangjiakou will mainly use hydrogen fuel vehicles.Guo Yingli introduced that in view of this situation, they timely organize drivers to conduct hydrogen fuel vehicle performance and operation exercises, familiar with the role and use of vehicle dashboard function keys, master the operation process of hydrogen fuel vehicle engine start and flout.After the intensive training of the site and route familiarity and professional skills, all the staff quickly threw themselves into the support work.After completing a support mission, we found that in order to achieve the goal of “car and other people”, it is best to increase on-site scheduling.This suggestion was quickly adopted and proved to be very effective after the practice of the second day. It can achieve less waiting time, less riding and less walking to the maximum extent, and effectively improve the quality of traffic guarantee.It is normal work for the transport support team of the Olympic assistance team to shuttle between the Genting Ski Park and the ancient Poplar stadium complex.Zhangjiakou Chongli night temperature as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius, the team drivers and staff braved the cold, stick to their posts, repeatedly deduce and revise every link and every detail of traffic support work, and strive to make the most of the preparation.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held as scheduled on February 4. The motorcade had to complete the transfer of athletes, media reporters, technical officials and other personnel attending the opening ceremony.”During the day, we took everyone to taizicheng high-speed railway station on time;In the middle of the night, we took everyone safely back to the station.”When the drivers arrived with passengers, Mr. Guo said, the support team held a brief welcoming ceremony and had cordial interactions with the athletes.”Obey orders, obey orders;Safe driving, civilized service;Live up to the trust and go all out;Win glory for the motherland and add color to the Winter Olympics.”Guo yingli said that the 113 Communist party members in the team are always playing a vanguard role.”Alone in a foreign land, not a stranger, we and zhangjiakou bus team united as one, shoulder to shoulder.The task is still difficult, but we are always confident!”(Chinanews.com)