Replacement changan CS95 concessions up to 80 thousand yuan

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In 2017, it was authorized to operate Changan New energy Vehicles in Henan Province.Car changan, people long;Buy Changan, to a long time!There are plenty of cars in the store, and the colors are optional. Call immediately to enjoy multiple network VIP treatment.★ With the chief consultant information into the store to enjoy the exclusive network VIP customer discount;★★ Installment car purchase is more cost-effective, 0 down payment, 0 interest, a variety of financial options, simple procedures, two cards and one card, 30 minutes to approve, the same day drive home;★★★ purchase car enjoy booking, car double courtesy;★★★★ replacement car replacement subsidy 3000 yuan.Address: West of Henan Auto Trade Center, Huayuan Road and Kaiyuan Road, Huiji District, Zhengzhou city.Please refer to the following table for details: Note: Network quotation will fluctuate with the market, please consult your exclusive chief consultant for the specific transaction price!