Bandit leader “bigfoot pig” surrender, but also smoke big smoke, 3 battalion commander ordered: do not change, killed

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In 1950, longshan big bandits “bigfoot pig” surrender, 3 battalion gave him preferential treatment.Did not expect the big bandits know repentance, every day but also smoke “smoke”, also took the opportunity to threaten the people.People seething with resentment, sued the big bandit committed a bloody crime, and the big bandit was sentenced to death.In April 1949, our army launched a campaign to cross the Yangtze River, which quickly broke through the natural danger of the Yangtze River and liberated vast areas of south and southwest China.The Kuomintang reactionaries were on the verge of collapse and sent secret agents to lurk in the border area of Hunan-Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou, colluding with the bandit forces.Spy promised to bandit leader Division Xing zhou senior officials and high income, let division Xing Zhou bandit department to create destructive activities, harm the new people’s regime.Shi Xingzhou, nicknamed “Bigfoot Pig”, followed his brother up the mountain in 1920 as a bandit.Brother 2 people recant cruel and merciless, become bandit gradually ringleader, controlled the bandit force on longshan.In 1934, shi Xingzhou’s elder brother died of illness, and Shi Xingzhou became the “big master” of bandits.Our army after the liberation of Xiangxi, in view of the bandits in the disaster township forces, the collection of troops launched clearance operations.I suppress bandits troops to conquer bamianshan bandits nest – swallow hole, killed more than 800 bandits, captured more than 100,000 pounds of food, as well as a number of other kinds of supplies.All these grains were looted by the bandit department of Shixing Zhou, which showed the extent of bandit rampant, and the people of Longshan County suffered from bandits.Although the bandits action, our army won a great victory, but failed to catch Shi Xing Zhou.After the retreat of the bandit suppression forces, Division Xing Zhou returned to bamian Hill, gathered scattered soldiers and brave, and once again pulled up the bandit team.In 1950, in order to thoroughly eliminate the bandit forces in the border area of Hunan-E, Sichuan and Guizhou, the Southwest and Mid-south military regions formed a joint headquarters to carry out a joint eradication of the bandit forces in Longshan.I 47 army 141 division arrived in Longshan County, sent reconnaissance troops to inquire about the bandits, that longshan has 2 brigand forces.One for shi Xing Zhou bandit department, another bandit force for Zhai Bo ping bandit department, Zhai Bo ping bandit department of influence than shi Xing Zhou even larger.Originally, although Zhai Po ping brother is division xing zhou’s successor, recant however bribe local Kuomintang army senior official, slowly nibbling division xing Zhou bandit ministry’s sphere of influence.Shi Xing Zhou many times sent bandits, and Zhai Bo ping bandits ministry fight, because defeat more than less, had to default the existence of Zhai Bo ping bandits.As a result, the two bandit forces co-existed on Longshan mountain, and sometimes there was friction.Zhai Po ping this “up-and-comer”, also rise rapidly, force gradually exceeded shi Xing zhou.The 141st Division of the 47th Army formulated a strategy: “We should combine suppression and fu, first severely attack the bandits, and then use political offensives to make the bandits surrender.”141 division the primary attack target as “Zhai Bo ping bandits department”, sent troops to attack Zhai Bo ping bandits nest, killed more than one thousand bandits.The 141st division then launched a political offensive to persuade the bandits to come down and surrender.Zhai Poping bandits 7 brigade, a total of five brigade surrender, Zhai Poping became a lone Wolf.Later, Cheng Qian wrote a letter to Zhai Boping, persuade zhai Boping to surrender down the mountain.Zhai Poping finally took cronies down the mountain, surrendered to the 141 division, became prisoners of our army.Shi Xing zhou learned that Zhai Po ping bandits were annihilated, in panic all day long, want to surrender, but worried about punishment.422 regiment of 141st Division launched a clearance operation, division Xing Zhou banditry department was defeated, he himself hid in a cave.In order to avoid unnecessary casualties, the 422 regiment sent for Shi Xingzhou’s son and asked him to carry a message up the mountain to persuade Shi Xingzhou to raise his hands and surrender.Shi Xing Zhou’s son, who had a profound sense of righteousness, went up to the mountain with a letter from our army, met his father and persuaded him.Shi Xingzhou heard: “As long as he raises his hand to surrender, the incident will not be investigated, 422 regiment will ensure his safety.”Division xing Zhou chose to lead cronies down the mountain, to the 422 regiment 3 battalion surrender, longshan 2 brigand forces were exterminated.Our army has always given preferential treatment to captives, including Shi Xingzhou and others, and taken good care of their lives.Division xingzhou every time the addiction to cigarettes, 3 camp will also take captured tobacco, let division Xingzhou suck, with “tobacco slowly reduce” the way to give him drug addiction.Shi Xingzhou was not punished, but his attitude changed and he gradually became complacent.He took the kindness of our army as an indulgence and wanted to continue his bullying.Shi Xingzhou, in particular, shouted to the common people, “Though I have come down from the mountain, LONGshan is still in my charge.Do not provoke me. If I provoke you, I will crush you like an ant.”Shi Xingzhou’s remarks caused people to complain and complain. The commander of the 3rd battalion rebuked Shi Xingzhou: “I tell you, the people are now the masters of the country, and you can no longer act arrogantly.You must mend your ways. If you don’t, you’ll get shot.”After the superior received the ordinary people’s paper, issued the final treatment: “Shi Xing Zhou is extremely evil, did not repent, in order to appease the people, execution by shooting.”Immediately, the evil shi Xing Zhou was taken to the execution ground, executed.After Shi Xing Zhou was shot dead, the people of Xiangxi clapped and cheered, singing and celebrating, the whole Xiangxi as if the New Year general lively.