A love card is the bridge between hearts

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Zhongshi news :(correspondent wang linbai zhao lirong report) please close this card!The recent epidemic situation is more serious, haicheng county, liaoning province xinghai street in order to effectively carry out the epidemic prevention and control work, specially produced for epidemic prevention and control concerned close aicar, the above have the epidemic little common sense, there is a call community, and community secretary mobile phone number, mobile phone will be on 24 hours, if you have WaiShi returned to the sea side, please report to us, at the same time,Your home should also do a good job of disinfection, ventilation, the implementation of personal prevention and control measures.On March 31, the ele. me food delivery team, as one of the publicity and service teams for epidemic prevention and control in Xinghai street, carefully sent such a warm little card when delivering food.Through the takeout team, community grid workers, high-speed exit and railway station epidemic prevention and control staff to send the epidemic prevention and control care cards to the hands of the people, is also a new measure of Xinghai street innovative epidemic prevention and control publicity, it is this little card, warm countless people……A small card, a small gesture, let many residents feel particularly warm heart.MAO Sulan, 85, a destitute party member from Xiguan community, said, “During the epidemic, I was getting older and it was not convenient for me to buy vegetables. When I saw the number of the xiguan community secretary on the card, I contacted zhou Baicai, the community secretary.Secretary Zhou and party volunteers took the initiative to take care of my daily life.Often come to my home, buy food for me, buy medicine, let me feel the warmth of the family.In the nucleic acid testing work, Yan Xiuliang, a disabled person who lives in Sanli community and whose wife is sick, called Zhang Lei, director of xinghai Street Health office, through a small card.After learning of the situation, Zhang offered to provide door-to-door shuttle service for Yan and his wife, and quickly completed nucleic acid tests for them through the green channel.Li Fengjiu, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xinghai Sub-district, haicheng city, said that the sub-district printed the epidemic prevention and control care card in view of the serious situation of the current epidemic, and the situation that some people do not understand the epidemic prevention policy in a timely manner and in place, and the people in the area have needs for travel, medical treatment, life security and other related help during the epidemic.This small card contains information on epidemic prevention and control, as well as service numbers of relevant departments and 29 communities.”Now, as long as a phone call, our staff will answer relevant questions, door-to-door help services, can transform” passive service “into” active service “, truly “people call, I have to respond to the people, people need, I have to do”.