Zhongfang County: Rural hui Nong loan for farmers to increase income to provide security

2022-06-12 0 By

Handheld huaihua news (reporter Li Pubing correspondent Xiao Wenjin) recently, the reporter came to be located in zhongfang county town jingping village of vegetables zhou Qingfa planting base, I saw the green onion in the greenhouse has been mature, full of green, lush, it is a good harvest season.”In the first half of the year we mainly chives, the second half of the year to celery, celery just sold almost in the first half of the year, basically over, now all chives, after April slowly planted celery.”In July last year, Zhou qingfa went to xinyang Village Bank in Zhongfang County to borrow 100,000 yuan to buy vegetable fertilizer, greenhouse supports and automatic sprinkler equipment.Thanks to scientific planting and careful management, he not only paid off the loan, but also increased his considerable income.Zhou Qingfa is full of expectations for a happy life in the future.Zeng Zuofeng, a large farmer in Wuxi Village, is also one who has tasted the benefits of small loans.He borrowed 100,000 yuan in January to buy more than 2,000 chickens and various stages of feed. Now the chickens are growing well and he expects to repay the loan this year.It is reported that Xinyang Village Bank of Zhongfang County will launch a series of credit products such as Huinong Loan, tourism loan and xinyi Loan for rural revitalization from January 2021.Up to now, the balance of rural rural benefit loan is 28.69 million yuan, and a total of 236 rural benefit loan products have been issued, with a total loan amount of 45.36 million yuan.