The top three Chinese shopping malls have all enjoyed a bumper harvest in terms of consumption amount in 2021

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Hello, everyone, this is Xianghao watch the world.The appearance of real estate is one of the important thrust power scaling new heights in GDP, with the policies of the country now, the price of housing is relatively stable, at the same time, real estate in developing on the other hand, it is business circle, with 10 years of this period of time, sales have been rising, which marks a milestone in 2021, all aspects of the consumer in the upgrade,Each business district has ushered in different levels of sales growth, which also represents that Chinese people’s purchasing power is upgrading.And among so many business districts across the country, the following three have a bumper harvest.In 2021, the consumption of Beijing SKP came to 24 billion yuan, with an astonishing increase of 35%. It was opened in 2007. SKP has always been focusing on high-end products, mainly targeting high-end consumption.SKP is located in a very advantageous location, only 7 kilometers away from Tian ‘anmen square, so you can imagine the consumption level of families here.There is an unwritten rule that spending more than 500,000 yuan has a special channel for payment.Only by constantly updating their own culture to adapt to the current society can they continue to prosper. In one point, SKP has always maintained a high degree of concentration.To meet customers’ emotional and customized requirements, it also attracts big brands from all over the world to settle in, and the price tag is generally within the range that ordinary people can hardly afford.The items in the supermarket are also top of the top, dozens of times higher than.Beijing Guomao Mall, whose consumption reached 20 + BILLION yuan in 2021, is the one with a relatively long history among the three. In the course of more than 20 years, Guomao Mall has been constantly refreshing itself, and finally defines itself as a high-end consumer market, but it is relatively close to the people compared with SKP.After two expansions, it is also very obvious now. After all, it is a spectacular large building business district, and the charm of lines can be seen from the outside.International trade Mall is also a high-end consumer, the world’s first luxury brands have left footprints here, to shop here is not the average wage earners can afford.The most fun is an indication problem, the terrain is more complex, walk like a maze.By dinnertime, the line is quite long, and the high-end restaurants are quite stylish.Thanks to the consumption of big bosses in Anhui and Nanjing, Nanjing Deji Plaza was once the most consumable business district in China. Until the formal operation of SKP, it is located in Xinjiekou, the first business district in China. It is also a shopping mall with more than 10 years of age and covers a huge area.A number of commercial brands that can accommodate children to the elderly.At present, more than 95% of luxury brands have settled in. Combined with the integration of art and environmental protection, a large business circle favored by young people has been created.The above three cities all take the high-end route, improve the grade of goods, attract the rich to come to unified consumption, coupled with hotels, apartments and other layers of the superposition, have become the most profitable several business circles in China.