The Power of Reading

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In the early spring of March, the COVID-19 epidemic swept in.In the face of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, all the staff of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, under the leadership of the Party Committee of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, responded quickly and acted actively to fight the epidemic hand in hand.The whole society is working together to overcome the difficulties, balancing the epidemic prevention with the publishing business.Jiaotong University Press immediately launched a response to the epidemic prevention and control, and set up a special epidemic prevention and control team headed by the Party Secretary and president, with special personnel responsible for coordinating the epidemic prevention and control work.Formulate emergency plans for epidemic prevention and control, purchase and stock anti-epidemic materials, upload and distribute them in a timely manner, ensure staff safety, and coordinate the handling of emergencies.At the same time, strict work discipline during the epidemic period, overcome all difficulties, while ensuring the safety of staff, do not delay the publishing house business.At the same time, as a state-owned cultural enterprise, actively fulfill social responsibilities, spread positive energy against epidemic prevention, serve the school and contribute to the society.During the lockdown period, Jiaotong University Press carried out home office in an orderly manner according to the requirements of the superior, and did not enter the press if it was not necessary.All departments shall implement the “daily report” system for employees.The editorial department works at home in principle, except for those on duty who are not necessary.Functional departments are on duty in the way of “flexible working hours, taking turns to work”. In accordance with the minimization operation management mode, they ensure the normal operation of business processes and contracts, deal with typesetting manuscripts, printing and checking, etc.Adhere to the combination of online and offline, fully coordinate business departments, typesetting companies, printing enterprises, paper supply, express logistics, finished product warehousing, etc., to ensure the normal and orderly development of all work.The heads of each department should be responsible and responsible for the annual work plan, follow up and implement the plan, report the situation in time, focus on key work and key books, and continuously promote the plan.Content has position, build a solid online fortress to serve the school, contribute to the society, give full play to the advantages of digital publishing.Jiaotong University Press immediately opened some online resources of its own platform “Muzhiyuread” APP to meet students’ needs for home study and readers’ spiritual needs during home study, thus fulfilling the social responsibility and mission of the press.”Muzhiyuread” APP once again launched the teaching electronic column of “Class without suspension”, and released more than 80 kinds of e-books of textbooks and teaching AIDS published by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press and some teaching supporting resources for free, serving teachers and students of colleges and universities.At the same time, the popular science series “Face the Epidemic and Overcome Difficulties Together” has been restarted, including more than 10 e-books and audio resources, such as “Guide for College Students to Cope with The Psychological Situation of COVID-19”, “COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Communities” and “Diary of Doctors helping Hubei”, to meet the reading needs of the general public.Do a good job in publicity and guidance to spread positive energy.Quickly start jiaotong university press website, public, and other new media platforms to fight disease, adjust the focus and plan, keep up with the pace of the government and the school, make full use of the existing resources in the press, to push a batch of another batch of health, health, science, culture and other aspects of the classic books, with the power of reading, knowledge, guidance, help readers eliminate panic, don’t tale, do not believe a rumor,It has played a certain role in promoting social stability during the epidemic.At the same time, it cooperated with China Press and Publication Radio & Telegraph, the official wechat of Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau, the official new media of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other platforms to carry out joint publicity, expand its influence, and enable more readers to see accurate, authoritative and positive reports.Jiaotong university press also hand in hand of Shanghai association of social psychology, and the adolescent mental health branch of the organizer, combined a number of experts in the field of mental health and teachers, to build “determined to protect young line” mental health education online public lecture series, aiming at providing a beneficial for parents and students mental health, psychological counseling,Let everyone can face the current work, study and family life with a positive attitude.The xujiahui Street where jiaotong University Press is located is one of the key areas for epidemic prevention and control. However, part of the work in the publishing process cannot be separated from the on-site office. Therefore, since the outbreak began, many Party members and people have bravely signed up for duty.We stick to our posts online and offline, work together, obey the organization’s arrangement, regardless of their own work, in order to ensure the normal publication of children’s teaching materials and readers’ spiritual food.Some comrades said that as long as we could finish the task on time and with the quality and quantity guaranteed, we would be very happy to eat instant noodles in the publishing house every day!The friendship accumulated during the special days of fighting together is precious.Many party members quarantined at home also volunteered to join the fight against the epidemic, rushing to the front line and actively participating in the community’s anti-epidemic work to serve the people.Some of them are responsible for nucleic acid detection and related statistical work;Some are responsible for door-to-door notification, repeated confirmation is missing residents;Some are responsible for helping the elderly to apply for nucleic acid test codes and reminding residents to take screenshots, save and reserve them;Some are responsible for guiding and maintaining the order of nucleic acid testing;Some distribute antigen tests…There are comrades in the volunteer service, met their children, children excitedly said: look, this is my mother, she is really good, she is a Communist party member!They took concrete actions to fulfill the original aspiration and mission of Communist party members, and the party emblem on their chests became brighter.There are volunteers to help empty nesters in the community every day to buy medicine, send vegetables, send supplies, empty garbage, condolences to the retired professor of Jiaotong University.It is worth mentioning that some comrades are the whole family, children and her door-to-door newspaper, the child’s father is responsible for Courier distribution.This positive family environment undoubtedly alleviates the anxiety of the whole family under the epidemic, sets an example for the children, and motivates many comrades around to join the ranks of volunteers.She said that although she is not a party member, she is a member of jiaotong University. By choosing jiaotong University, she has chosen the responsibility to do these things.Please rest assured, I have the fight against the epidemic!In the process of fighting the epidemic, a number of rebellious people have emerged in Jiaotong University Press who are willing to devote themselves and have the courage to take responsibility.Party members have always rushed to the forefront and played an exemplary role.The epidemic has stopped us, but it cannot stop love, courage and strength.Jiaotong Publishers, are good!To all the contrarians, salute!Data: Edited by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, Shenyang