What kind of capacitor pen is good?Active cost-effective capacitor pen is recommended

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What kind of capacitor pen is good?Ipad and capacitor pen bring great convenience to people’s work and life. With the progress of science and technology, the current capacitor pen is no longer a simple replacement of finger control function, such as note-taking, painting creation, art design, etc., can not be separated from the capacitor pen.However, the price of apple Pencil is more than 900 yuan, which is still too expensive for ordinary students, so I have a second choice, that is domestic ordinary active capacitor pen, the following is recommended for cost-effective capacitor pen.1. Pencil has high sensitivity and convenient global anti-error touch operation. Pencil has high sensitivity and almost zero delay in writing, so that you can always maintain a flowing experience.Global anti-error writing, no need to wear additional gloves, just like writing on paper, let the palm of the natural resting on the screen, also does not affect the writing and painting.The way to open the pen is also very simple, only need to tap two times on the top of the pen, you can start the pen, the operation is very convenient.2, Beisi seventh generation of magnetic adsorption real-time power display no broken contact official POM nib, nib feedback is very agile, and it also supports inclined surface induction function, different directions, you can change the thickness of the line, broken contact is basically not felt.No bluetooth pairing, double click the pen switch to use.The stylus also sticks firmly to the iPad and won’t fall off easily.Support electric quantity display, can effectively avoid the situation of no electricity halfway.In general, beisi seventh generation both appearance level or all aspects of the performance is very good, worth starting.3, Momis global anti-error contact sensitivity high adsorption force strong support for global anti-error contact, writing effect is like writing on paper, even if the hand on the screen, it will not be mistaken as a stroke.High sensitivity, no delay in writing.Gently put, can be firmly adsorbed back, storage is also very convenient.