Seven jades and a spring

2022-06-11 0 By

Ugly ox carrying the universe, dream meditation several degrees of soul.Hometown ronggui feeling lonely, light Yin tiger jump another spring.This morning, at the beginning of spring, the old ox, who had been carrying the whole world, was old, old and livable. After being relieved of the heavy responsibility, he returned to his hometown and led a leisurely pastoral life.Over the past year, we have paid a lot and made a lot of contributions. People will never forget the sons of the earth, willing ox and old ox.Grass is eaten, and milk is squeezed out.Old cattle go, will people walk tea cool?It must be, the law of nature, people will soon become a memory, out of the field of vision.No matter how much contribution you make, don’t take credit for it. When you retire, cultivate your true nature, don’t ask about rivers and lakes, don’t ask about right and wrong, and focus on the road.After the short return home, is a long lonely road, must learn to be alone.Growing flowers, reading books, listening to music, watching the clouds are all ways to be alone.Whim, move pen, stretch, sing tiger yue, cheer for the successor of the tiger.Another beginning of spring, another cycle of seasons.No one has ever escaped the desolation after glory, not even the tiger.This is life, young is the capital, do not abandon the old, remember: old and old, young and young