Original work “know whether” : Sheng Minglan did not marry he Hongwen is lucky

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Sheng Minglan was lucky not to marry He Hongwen.He Hongwen’s lowest character is softhearted, in modern times is a good man, who also do not offend.If He Hongwen and Sheng Minglan marry, there are contradictions between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, He Hongwen will not deal with the problem, blindly foolishly filial piety, but will throw the wind and rain to Sheng Minglan.He’s a momma boy in modern times.He Hongwen softhearted, soft ear, no right and wrong concept, encounter problems without their own opinions, will be around others.01 He Hongwen’s love for Sheng Minglan is not from the heart.Cao Jinxiu stopped between he Hongwen and Sheng Minglan, He Hongwen did not cry to Sheng Minglan, not like men and women in love.The two people who are madly in love are in the feelings of frustration but the relationship will be closer, he Hongwen is very indifferent.He Hongwen to Sheng Minglan’s feelings at most like, not love.She is just a suitable partner in he Hongwen’s mind.His father died young and his mother was sickly, so he spent most of his time in bed.He old lady medical skill, taught him medicine, brought him up.He Hongwen’s grandfather is about to retire in officialdom and will return home when the time comes.He hongwen had no support in the capital.He Hongwen high door big family’s dear female is high can’t afford to climb, low door small and bad, ordinary ordinary female and not on the table.Sheng Minglan’s family is rich, father and brother are in official circles, although it is ordinary women, but knowledgeable, appearance temperament is a good, with he Hongwen more than enough.He old lady and sheng old lady is handkerchief, sheng Minglan is her hand brought up, know the root of the matter.If Sheng Minglan is married to take care of the housework, assisting her husband is skilled.He Hongwen likes Sheng Minglan, but it is a suitable marriage partner, there is no love.Two people enter the hall of marriage to love as the premise, without love marriage is immoral.02 He Hongwen is a good man, mind is not firm, no idea of their own like a straw on the wall.He Hongwen thought sheng Minglan will be wise, is a gentle character, will accommodate Cao Jinxiu.Cao Jinxiu and his childhood sweetheart, see her so defeated appearance, and some of the heart, in a dilemma.Sheng Minglan is actually to he Hongwen opportunity, she only care about his idea, want him to show his mind as soon as possible, deal with the problem.He Hongwen’s heart swayed and missed the opportunity.Sheng Minglan saw he Hongwen and Cao Jinxiu together in the woods.Sheng Minglan has fought for his marriage, the attitude is determined, he Hongwen is submissive.Sheng Minglan has made it clear that if married in the past will not and Cao Jinxiu together, she even do a fire servant girl can not.Cao Jinxiu begged and died to live, he Hongwen immediately softens unceasingly instead of looking at Sheng Minglan with pleading eyes.They are equivalent to he Hongwen’s girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, which is now girlfriend tolerate ex-girlfriend in front of boyfriend all day.The answer that the girlfriend wants most now is that the relationship between the boyfriend and the ex-girlfriend is completely broken, and it is better not to contact until old age.He Hongwen is thinking of being a good man, two do not want to offend, throw the problem to now girlfriend, hope now girlfriend can accommodate the former girlfriend.He old lady invited Sheng Minglan to the house, he mother let Sheng Minglan agreed to Cao Jinxiu concubine, he Hongwen stood next to Minglan, he did not help speak to Minglan, but for her full of apologies.When Sheng Minglan needs him, He Hongwen off the chain, leave the wind and rain to her, let her face alone.He mother is a man who can not afford to lift, always take he home of the silver patch Cao home, and has advised him cao Jinxiu.He Hongwen foolish filial piety, looked at his mother compensates Cao home silver, not admonish, let the mother screw.He Hongwen let his mother concubine things and dare not disobey, and afraid of hurting her heart.He Hongwen is a good man. He has no idea of his own. He is influenced by others’ opinions and has no concept of right and wrong.Whether it is TV play or original work in he Hongwen or finally accept Cao Jinxiu as a concubine, in the big is big on his indecisive, missed a good marriage.Whether looking for a boyfriend or a husband, he Hongwen such a man should not.I’m April dolphin. What do you think about He Hongwen? Please leave a comment in the comments section.Original is not easy, if you like, please focus on praise support, thank you.