Let the story of the years love such as lotus

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Story time went the sorrow and romantic past rainy season and the reality of it with the romance of life presents a moving picture story time wrote, and then all paragraphs are swaying time all emotions are written in the brow just to find a love of a world of mortals love songs like touching leisurely in a sad dream decayed if a passage of willThe spring breeze and the heart rain moisten the flower lotus. The time is tied in the time. The beautiful story of spring is spinning and tender.Years clearly in the warm time story thousand words slowly stretch stretches into the moonlight, s heroine in the life of the clutch and the sun is shining bright the bitter, sweet and sour tells the story of the whirling about in the days of life in the twilight of the sunset a lucky cloud in the wind circulation flow write beginner’s mind is constant in between the lines in the middle of the time let all fragments of life QingJian brilliant story in a smileThere is a spring breeze stroke face also melancholy and sadness to write a life is short to have a word with you be there or be square there is the love in the story such as lotus to have the warm heart such as wine word by word blossomed life years, endless expectations