‘You don’t educate me’ woman fights after an aunt accuses her of allowing her child to play on the seat

2022-06-10 0 By

Parents are the best teachers for children. Like parents, like children.So parents are the starting line for children.A netizen took a video on a bus in Shanghai and posted it online on Feb 8.In the video, a woman in a white down jacket takes a little girl, who is about five or six years old, on a bus.Although the child is a girl, her behavior is not restrained at all.Perhaps the little girl was bored, so her mother asked her to stand on the seat and change position.The child did not understand that this was uncivilized behavior, she did as her mother said to stand up.In addition, one foot on the seat, two feet altogether occupied two.Other passengers got on the bus, she did not take the initiative to relinquish, still a person to step on two seats to play.The child is not sensible, even if her mother is blind to what should be done.At this time, an aunt can not watch.She criticized the children should not occupy two seats, not to play with their feet, dirty others also how to sit?When the mother heard this, she asked, “What about my child?”The aunt said, “Can’t I speak of your child?If you don’t educate, I will.”The mother became even angrier and told the child to take his feet away so she could sit.This seat, as the aunt said, has stepped dirty still how to sit?The woman listened to aunt do not sit, more have say.She said, “I’ll give you my seat and you won’t sit down. What do you want?”Passenger aunt helplessly said: “lack of education!”After saying this, he didn’t seem to want to quarrel with her any more.At this point, the girl’s mother became even more combative. maybe she was angry and said, “You are the one who lacks education.”In public, do not discipline children, do not let others give advice not to say, but also argue with the elderly red in the face.In the end which lack of education, I’m afraid we are like a mirror.But this is normal, protection, is a human instinct is also a kind of nature.Isn’t there a saying?”People don’t say it is not, think about blame others.”Just the woman this short protect to have a little regardless of the situation, somebody else aunt said the child is also good for her.Is it wrong to teach her to obey the rules and customs?Parents should be ashamed, not angry, for failing to educate their children.As even children know, good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth.The harsher the words are the correct guidance, not grateful also calculate, but also so angry with people, this is a bit ungrateful.When children are young, it is the time when children are shaped in all aspects. Every move and every bit of adult life will affect the conduct of children when they grow up.Bad parenting is a bad example.How else to say that parents are children’s best fukuda?Really, don’t look down on the role of adults to children, what kind of parents must have what children.For no other reason than that society will accept your child and teach her the rules early.