Tian Jing live with cargo fire!Jiujiang back to buy a house plan or will be broken?

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Wrong in 28 years of life has been going on for a long time, two hero yao and guo wei, a life of two different yao ce have passed away for a long time, but not because he died for 28 years the truth more clear, guo wei beginning and nurse xu min Joseph, and away from the du jing family should get one, now is a life of live to take goods,I believe that their life will become better and better, we also look forward to xu Min family to find the truth as soon as possible, to give everyone a satisfactory answer!This issue article “Tian Jing live with goods fire! Jiujiang back to buy a house plan or will be broken?”, will bring you the latest news, welcome to watch!In recent years, the rapid development of the network, the network ecosystem is good, resulting in a lot of people began to engage in network work, and in which a large number of profits.Obviously Tian Jing also took this express, but also in the hands of the February 8 event flow, can be said to live with goods, Tian Jing mixed wind water, rice earn full.Greatly improved the living environment of the three Tian.Of course, Tian Jing also began to receive their use of the 28 incident of the evil results.To know that The Xu Min family is still pursuing the truth, yao Wei was silent, Tian Jing began to use this heat live with goods, such a move obviously annoyed many viewers, in the recent everyone’s criticism.After that, there was more Internet abuse and more trouble.Tian Jing live with goods at the beginning of the purpose is to make money, and then in Jiujiang can buy a house with Yao Wei.Jiujiang is where Yao Wei’s biological parents, Xu Min’s family, live. Yao Wei wants to find a house in Jiujiang to live with his biological parents.So Tian Jing played live with the idea of goods, also did earn a lot of money.As a result, there is new news that Yao Wei may not buy a house in Jiujiang, the Yao couple themselves are born in Jiujiang, but they will spend less time with their children and grandchildren because of work. I believe yao Wei’s family also want to be closer to their biological parents, hoping to return to the arms of their biological parents.Obviously, it is not right to let the Yao family leave the place where they have lived most of their lives, so buying a house is the best choice.Of course, these are family matters, compared to our guess seven guess eight, the most important or how people think how to set, also hope to finally be able to go in peace and stability, give you a result.Good this issue of “Tian Jing live with goods fire! Back to Jiujiang house plan or will be broken?”That’s the end of the article!As the truth comes to light step by step, Xu Min family and Du Xinzhi family will soon know the truth, countless netizens are looking forward to the early arrival of this day, we look forward to the truth that day, to Xu Min a truth, a punishment for those who make mistakes!Well, this is the end of the 28 years of wrong life case, we will see you next time!