Deqing modern photovoltaic pastoral complex, photovoltaic power generation and facility agriculture complementary and mutually beneficial

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Deqing County of Zhaoqing city actively promotes the construction of modern photovoltaic pastoral complex projects to improve land utilization rate, increase farmers’ economic income, and inject new momentum into rural revitalization.Reporters yesterday came to the construction site of the modern photovoltaic rural complex project in Deqing, Guangdong province, nine towns, into the park can see, rows of neat rows of fields, red matsutake from the “straw was” for “fresh” drill, growing happily, the villagers are busy picking.Deqing Modern PHOTOVOLTAIC rural complex project in Guangdong Province is the investment project of Deqing County in 2020. The project is jointly built by Jilin Power Share Co.,Ltd and South China Agricultural University with an investment of 600 million yuan. The overall planning land is 1,900 mu, and the land lease term is 25 years, and the rent per mu is 800 yuan/year.The project is a widely used solar, system integration, intelligent control, intelligent agricultural areas such as advanced technology, focus on building photovoltaic features and complementary facilities agriculture, agricultural scientific research, students agricultural labor education, high-tech agricultural technology demonstration, facilities of agricultural production, agricultural tourism as one of the modern agriculture rural complex, make full use of agricultural greenhouses and other production facilities,Agricultural light complementary photovoltaic power generation projects will be built to realize effective utilization of land and space, form three-dimensional and ecological pattern, and improve economic benefits per unit area.After completion, the project will drive the development of regional modern agriculture and rural tourism, and inject new momentum into the rural revitalization of Deqing County.Zhou Xiaolin, who is in charge of the project, said the project can be used for solar energy in the air and for agriculture on the ground, so that the land is not wasted or wasted.Project construction in December 2021 and is expected to completed in December of this year, for 130 mw photovoltaic power plant scale, after the completion of annual output is 130 million degrees, because this is complementary farmers light project, so under the photovoltaic panels can also be planting Chinese herbal medicine patchouli, high-end edible red tricholoma matsutake, soilless cultivation of vegetables, the average annual output value reached 30000 yuan/mu,Meanwhile, local villagers will be encouraged to find jobs nearby.During the construction process and after the completion of the project, local villagers will be hired to work in the field, so that villagers can achieve employment at home and increase the economic income of their families.Ye Shaobing, a villager, told reporters that since the construction of the rural complex, employment opportunities for villagers have been greatly increased. The monthly salary is about 2,500 yuan, which can not only take care of the family but also increase the income. It is very good.Article/guangzhou daily, new huacheng reporter: dare to brave the correspondent: Eric, iwslt British figure/guangzhou daily, new huacheng reporter: dare to yong Guangzhou daily, new huacheng editor: Wang Qiqi statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: