Chinese women’s soccer prize money revealed!Champion 6.36 million, runner-up 3.18 million, not as good as the national Football Association bonus

2022-06-10 0 By

China beat World Cup champion Japan 6-5 on penalty kicks to advance to the final against South Korea at 19:00 on Feb 6.In this case, The Chinese team will secure the second place, then the Chinese team in the end how much money to win the game?This is what the fans care about most, so let’s give you an interpretation. You can also leave your opinion in the comments section below, and we’ll have a discussion together. Thank you.Then we will to work out specific account for everyone, this is women’s Asian cup’t set bonus the 47 years since the first time in history, the Asian football confederation in express this time, for the women’s relative value, the champion can have a prize of $1 million, 6.36 million yuan, the runner-up will also be able to get 50 yuan, which is half of the first prize,Equivalent to RMB 3.18 million yuan or so.However, this is far from the prize money of the Asian Men’s Cup. In 2019, when China participated in the Asian Men’s Cup, the champion team could get 5 million DOLLARS, while the runner-up team could also get 3 million dollars. China was eliminated after a poor performance.But they can still get $300,000 in prize money. This time, the Chinese women’s soccer team reached the semifinals. That is to say, they could only get $150,000 if they lost yesterday, but now they can get at least $500,000 if they win.However, this figure is still a drop in the bucket compared with the men’s football team. At the beginning of the Chinese men’s World Cup Qualifying round, the winning prize of RMB 6 million was set for each match, that is to say, The Chinese men’s football team could get RMB 6 million for each win, and then this strategy was used to the stage of the final 12.You heard it right, the prize money for winning a match of Chinese men’s football team is equal to the total prize money for winning the title of Chinese women’s football team this time.When Li Tie was the coach of Chinese men’s national football Team, we won all of the last four matches in the round of 40. After winning all of the matches, there was the accumulative bonus. At that time, the bonus of China’s four matches was 1 million yuan, 2 million yuan, 3 million yuan and 6 million yuan respectively, so the sum of the four matches was 12 million yuan.After reaching the round of 12, the bonus system is used, but China has won only one of its last eight games, a 3-2 win over Vietnam, which gives China another $6 million.In other words, during the one year of Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng’s coaching, the Chinese men’s national football team got a total of 18 million YUAN in prize money.In other words, the prize money for winning the Asian Cup is less than a fraction of the national team’s total prize money for most of the past six months. No wonder Huang jianxiang is calling for the CFA to consider allocating the 6 million yuan prize money to the women’s team as well.