Xu Shan, deputy of Provincial People’s Congress: Whether the business environment is sound depends on whether we have more confidence in development

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Provincial people’s Congress deputy, Cao County Party School senior lecturer Xu Shan (middle) (photography: Zhang Xiao).The optimization of business environment should not only rely on data, but also rely on word of mouth.”On the afternoon of January 24th, the heze delegation attending the 7th session of the 13th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress held a group meeting in the residence. Xu Shan, a senior lecturer of the Party School of Cao County Party Committee, put forward her own suggestions on optimizing the business environment.Xu Shan noted that optimizing the business environment was mentioned many times in the provincial government’s work report. “The first part of the report summarizes six key tasks and highlights the need to optimize the business environment,” she explained to the delegates while flipping through the report.Article 7 of the third part of the report, “Ten unswerving priorities” for 2022, also calls for “building a first-class business environment…We will create a market-oriented and law-based international business environment.”Xu Shan believes that whether the business environment is good or not depends on the optimization of the business environment. Whether the pain points of development of enterprises are identified, the blocking points of operation are cleared, the concerns of investment are removed, and the confidence of development is strengthened.To build a new type of relationship between government and business is not simply to increase the frequency of interaction between the government and business, but to respond to every request and not to disturb anything.We should not only have a smooth communication mechanism between government and enterprise, which can solve enterprises’ problems at critical moments, but also provide enterprises with free market space for innovation and development, so that entrepreneurs can rest assured and do well in their operations.At the same time, the most important thing is implementation. To build a first-class business environment, we need to take multiple measures and keep our promises.Therefore, the government needs to further open up the “last mile” of the implementation of policies to benefit enterprises, ensure that the release of policy dividends is accelerated, so that enterprises can travel lightly.In this regard, Xu Shan puts forward four suggestions.First, we made overall plans to promote implementation.To foster a better business environment, we need to know both ourselves and our rivals well. We need both short-term policy stimulus and sustained reform and innovation.It is necessary to formulate a series of supporting rules for the implementation of The Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment of Shandong Province as soon as possible, and explicitly include them into the scope of work assessment of party and government departments at all levels. At the same time, taking into account the actual situation of all parts of the province, it is necessary to formulate and perfect assessment standards so as to promote implementation through assessment, promote results through implementation, expand influence through results, and attract investment through influence.Second, we will promote the establishment of a joint punishment mechanism for trust-breaking, guide market entities to operate in good faith, and improve the social credit system.To establish a large system of linkage between government and enterprise credit management and coordination between departments, build a provincial enterprise credit investigation system intelligent management platform, and promote the establishment of a joint punishment mechanism for trust-breaking.Third, reasonable charges and standard intermediaries.We will take targeted measures to cut taxes and fees for all types of businesses.We will comprehensively implement policies to reduce energy consumption, rent, and logistics costs for the time being, and consolidate and expand our efforts to cut fees on a larger scale.In view of the problem of miscellaneous and opaque charging items, a unified charging list should be established.We should standardize the charging services of intermediary institutions, financial institutions and trade associations and chambers of commerce, and purify the market environment of intermediary services.Fourth, expand dispute settlement channels and protect the rights of enterprises.Explore the establishment of diversified dispute resolution mechanisms, further expand dispute resolution channels, so that more disputes are resolved before litigation, to better protect enterprises.”The business environment is not just an issue for the government and relevant departments. It is closely related to all of us. We are all beneficiaries of a sound business environment, and we should also be a participant in building it.”Xu shan said that everyone should shoulder the responsibility and obligation of building a business environment, starting from each bit, thinking and working together, and applying all measures to improve the business environment to all work and links, striving to be a promoter and contributor of a first-class business environment.