Visibility is not high actual strength very strong 5 colleges and universities!All are industry leaders, outstanding discipline construction

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Visibility is not high actual strength very strong 5 colleges and universities!All are industry leaders, outstanding subject construction to enter oneself for an examination the university entrance exam, the first thing to consider this province or some developed areas of well-known colleges and universities, of course, due to the development of the school factor is different, the strength of each school is different also, actually these college is indeed a potential shares, very suitable for flange, national line survey also come out now, achievement is not very good but is at the upper level students,These are the five schools to watch, the “grossly underrated” universities!Southwest petroleum university, southwest petroleum university is located in sichuan and sichuan university, university of electronic science and technology, west China medical university, southwest jiaotong university, such as in the 90 s, has the admission, but with the development of the time, the other six are named to the 211, only the southwest petroleum university unfortunately lost, but the strength of the school must not low,In the past three years, it has won two special prizes and four national scientific and technological progress awards.Nearly three years, the school won two national science and technology progress prize, four special-class award of national scientific and technological progress, and scientific research is strong, have a direct PhD students, as some 211 at the university of the middle and lower levels, the university entrance exam for 550 minutes, usually for upper middle class examinee, recommend majored in oil and gas engineering.Among many universities offering agriculture-related majors, Nanjing Agricultural University is very excellent, which can be said to be first-class. The school has a strong learning atmosphere. If you have a good plan for your future, such as postgraduate entrance examination, overseas exchange, etc., it is really suitable for learning.In addition, the academic atmosphere is particularly good, with rich educational resources and strong research strength. In addition, there are enough funds for laboratories, so there is more space for students to practice. The recommended majors are biological science, plant protection, soil resource management, agricultural resources and environment, etc.Chang ‘an university, in fact, the predecessor of the university is a famous university of xi ‘an highway traffic, strength is very strong, even more than a line was seven or eight very to be admitted, but the development of the university of the renamed fall, although changan university comprehensive ranking is not high, but distinctive, changan university or industry leader in the field of road transport,The recommended majors are automotive engineering and geological engineering.Northwestern university, the university is located in the ancient capital of xi ‘an, because of the geographical position, visibility is not high, especially in the south-east, strength is significantly undervalued, but many people don’t know is, xi ‘an, many universities are now from northwestern university points out, such as the northwest university of political science and law and xi ‘an international studies university, academic strength is very strong, there are 19 subjects awarded doctorates,There are 107 doctoral students and 189 master’s students, which are not worse than first-class universities in terms of subjects. The recommended majors are geology, archaeology and other majors. The employment rate is very good.Although Henan University is a comprehensive university, its strength has grown rapidly in recent years, especially in the construction of basic disciplines. It is also famous in Henan Province. As a university with a long history, the national government and henan Provincial government attach great importance to the development of henan University.Providing the school with good teaching resources and infrastructure, the total score of admission to the university is about 550 points, which is a relatively good score, suitable for upper-middle class examinees, recommended majors are geography science, biological science, etc.