Mengniu Escort Gu Ailing gold and silver frequency hot search, Yili?

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On February 8, Gu Ailing won the gold medal of women’s freestyle platform in the Winter Olympic Games with her last jump.In the women’s freestyle slopestyle final on Feb 15, Gu made a mistake on her second jump, but survived to win the silver medal.With a series of gold MEDALS, the “talented girl” has become one of the hottest Chinese athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Behind gu’s widespread attention as the “top sports player”, the brands that had previously been in hand with Gu also got a lot of exposure, among which mengniu Dairy was the biggest winner.According to the search results, the accumulated reading volume of the topic # Guailing China Cow # related to Guailing and Mengniu Dairy has reached 1.82 billion on weibo. In terms of marketing effect, Mengniu is a great success.It is worth noting that Mengniu chose Gu As its brand spokesperson with her unique strategic vision as early as 2019, before Gu became a well-known “genius girl”.Further understanding found that Mengniu bet on success may be the result of Gu Ailing’s “naturally strong” fighting spirit and mengniu enterprise spirit highly fit.In many interviews, Gu has made the gesture of “Chinese cow” in front of the camera. Gu believes that this gesture not only expresses her joy after winning the gold, but also conveys her innate strong and unyielding fighting spirit.In fact, the review of this Winter Olympics Gu Ailing gold and silver medal of the two games, are in the interpretation of the spirit of never surrender.Earlier in the women’s freestyle platform final, Gu was still in second place until her final jump, which should have guaranteed her a place on the podium, but her bid for gold was clearly in doubt.However, unexpectedly, gu, who was undefeated, chose to challenge the “1620” ultra-difficult movement that she had not completed perfectly in training before in the last jump, and finally miraculously reversed to win the championship.In the women’s slopestyle final on The 15th, on the one hand, all the competitors were at the same level and could hardly draw a gap, on the other hand, Gu Ailing made a mistake in the second jump and fell to the snow. At this time, Gu Ailing was obviously facing unimaginable pressure.But just like gu’s “Chinese cow” gesture, the unyielding Gu took the silver with a perfect third dive.So it seems that despite being called a “genius girl”, Gu Ailing relies more on “bull spirit” in the competition, which happens to coincide with mengniu’s entrepreneurial spirit.As China’s dairy giant, Mengniu’s logo is no stranger to the public.This horn is also a symbol of mengniu dairy development in the course of “born strong”.23 years ago, at the beginning of the set up of mengniu dairy industry in China ranked track after one thousand, only 037 million yuan, annual revenue but unceasingly enterprising, mengniu from production first self-built production base, by now, the product is now in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada and so on more than 10 countries and regions in the market, and construction of the 68 factories worldwide,It ranks among the top ten in the global dairy industry.Gu Ailing’s unyielding in the Winter Olympics and Mengniu’s persistence and struggle in the dairy industry track echo each other at a distance and fit each other, conveying the spirit of “born strong” together. Therefore, Mengniu dared to bet on Gu Ailing three years ago, which also indicates that the two unyielding will eventually win their own victory.It’s worth noting, however, that while Mengniu shines, another Chinese dairy giant has been somewhat overshadowed.As early as 2005, Through the selection of the Olympic Committee, Iran successfully signed a contract with the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, becoming the only company in China that meets the Olympic standards and provides dairy products for the 2008 Olympic Games.In 2017, Yili was selected as the only official dairy partner of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.In yili’s own words, the quality of the Olympic Games for 17 consecutive years is trustworthy.Yili, as a “regular” of the Olympic Games and the only official dairy partner of the Current Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, seems to have a unique advantage compared with other dairy enterprises, but mengniu has opened a gap in the choice of marketing strategy.Mengniu early chose Gu Ailing as the brand spokesperson, it seems not to be left behind, Yili also chose a skier Su Yiming, but Yili has some interesting in the publicity.As early as February 7, Su yiming competed in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final and won the silver medal, but at this time, Yili did not choose to join su yiming, neither promotion, nor congratulations.Yili didn’t seem to be in a hurry to select Su until Feb. 14, when he was preparing to compete in the men’s big jump snowboard final the next day.On the same day, Yili posted on its official Weibo account, “At 13:00 on February 15th, we will meet @Su Yiming on the snow!But the caption to the post was simply “Su Yiming, a snowboarder.”On February 15, Su yiming won the gold medal in the final. At that time, Yili finally began official publicity, recognizing Su yiming as the spokesperson of Yili. In the picture of Yili’s microblog congratulating Su yiming for winning the gold medal, It also officially labeled Su yiming as the “spokesperson of Yili brand” and wrote “Worthy of you” in a prominent position.The same is the choice of brand spokesperson, the same is the giant of Chinese dairy industry, but the marketing action of Mengniu and Yili, obviously, has been determined.Mengniu firmly supported Gu As early as three years ago. At that time, it was unknown whether Gu could win gold or silver, or even stand on the podium in the Olympic Games. However, Mengniu valued Gu’s precious spirit of “innate ambition” more.Whereas the Erie until gold yesterday failed to finalize Su Yi for brand spokesperson, until its successful gold rush officer xuan, in contrast, both the Erie approach seems to be a lack of clear marketing strategic planning, and seems to be a lack of trust of athletes, can call it a conservative, but there is no denying that some mercenary.In the words of netizens, “You can always trust the spokesperson of Mengniu”. Whether Mengniu rewards The Chinese women’s football team first, or holds hands with Gu Ayling, from a fundamental point of view, Mengniu obviously pays more attention to the exploration of potential players with “innate strong spirit”, not only considering the marketing effect,Also trying to actively show the “hard work, enterprising, beyond” spiritual core, “born strong” brand spirit.(Source: Daily Eclipse news)