Zhao Xiaoyan: Spring breeze blows good news

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With the roar of the car, two tourist buses full of 89 fufeng students, slowly towards the highway, to the direction of Yangling speeding away, stay in place of the parents issued a TSK TSK exclamation, gratitude……In the spring of 2022, there was a chill, and the epidemic struck back with a thunderbolt, making the season that should have been fresh and green and blossoming more monotonous and cold.Once thought that the epidemic is far away from us, overnight, the city we live in was once again pressed the suspension button, shops closed, buses suspended, parks closed, schools have a holiday, teachers become anchors, the whole people queue up to do nucleic acid……Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students with leather jackets and cotton-padded jackets cannot go to school and have to take classes online at home.In the face of the epidemic, what we can do is to actively cooperate, do a good job in home prevention and control work, check our Dabaoji every day to see if there are new cases, anxious heart is looking forward to the stars, look forward to the moon, just hope that the epidemic will soon retreat, our life can return to normal as soon as possible, children can go back to school as soon as possible.On March 18, out in yangling of shaanxi normal university experimental middle school students received its recovery offline teaching resumption notice schooling, this can yet be regarded as the spring breeze blowing the good news, but as a result of baoji area epidemic situation grim, baoji area travel code with the asterisk mark, and Yang ling across the land, control policy is also slightly different,”Ants on a hot pan” is the best description of the parents’ mood at that time, when the enrollment of more than 80 Fufeng students became a top priority for the family.After the education and Sports Bureau of Fufeng County learned the news, it immediately reported to the Epidemic headquarters of Fufeng County. The Education and Sports Bureau and the epidemic Headquarters made scientific analysis and precise measures, communicated and negotiated with the Transportation Bureau of Fufeng County, and actively contacted the epidemic prevention department of Yangling for negotiation, and worked out a work plan for students to return to school after leaving the nurseries overnight.And the students transfer routes and other matters made detailed deployment arrangements.Everything comes to him who waits.On March 20th, under the arrangement of the county education and sports Bureau leadership, under the careful organization of Mr. Wei and Mr. Luo Wenhao, 89 fufeng students finally waited for the bus to go back to school in the administrative square of Fufeng New District.Roadside dressed in normal school uniforms like birds out of the cage, all smiling.They shake hands with their companions, or greet each other, or stare straight at the bus, or wave goodbye to their parents.The joy of the spirit that radiates from the inside out merges with the irrepressible joy of the heart.”Mom, I take things, need not send me, I can finally see my classmates…..”The car just stopped, I have not had time to drive the door, my son has back schoolbag, both hands with a bag strode to the team rushed to the students.Looking at the children lining up on the side of the road.Think of that sentence “spring breeze satisfied horseshoe disease, a day to see all changan flower”, the children’s heart desire to go back to school of joy is self-evident, yearning for campus life are written in the pleasant face……”People’s education for the people, this time thanks to the leadership of the education bureau……””Who says it is not, for the baby to go to school, these days people worry bad bad.” “Knowing that the arrangement of a special car to escort the children point to point, we were happy to stay awake all night, thanks to the epidemic headquarters and education and Sports Bureau leadership of the close guard, for our parents to solve a big problem”……”The leaders of the Education and Sports Bureau helped us open the green channel. I must express my heartfelt wishes as parents,”……Sunny afternoon, holding the “epidemic merciless people sentient beings, for the people to solve the problems warm people’s heart” banner of three parents into the door of the education bureau……About the author About the author: Zhao Xiaoyan, female, pen name Qin LAN, party member.Born in Duanjia Town, Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province, he is now the director of Fufeng County Children’s Dream Kindergarten.Baoji city essay essayist association member, fufeng county writers association member, fufeng filial piety culture research association director, love literature since childhood, “to be sincere and moving, to love moving” for the style of works.His representative work “Walk into Yan ‘an” was published in shaanxi Municipal Administration;Some works are included in “beautiful Chao Stay – fu Feng writers collect works”, “Fu Feng place name story”, “Fu Feng saozi noodles”, “War epidemic records”;Family prose “mom’s corn grits son” collected “contemporary original exquisite emotional literary works”;”All the way Fragrant all the Way Song” won baoji city “Xintu Cup” I and reform and opening up together forge ahead theme essay third prize.