Yuexiu, Guangzhou: Anyone who has been to the second floor of Cotton International Garment City from 4th to 8th will be quarantined at home immediately

2022-06-08 0 By

According to the official wechat account of “Guangzhou Yuexiu Release”, the Prevention and control Office of Yuexiu District of Guangzhou announced on March 13 that the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test result of a key population screening in The Yuexiu District of Guangzhou has been found to be positive for a worker in the Cotton International Garment City.Spread to quickly cut off the chain, to protect the masses life, health and safety, notice is as follows: 1, please all 4 solstice in March 2022 to March 8 international garment city 2 red floor personnel, immediately performed in-place home quarantine, and report to the local WeiJian disease control department and the community, to do a good job of nucleic acid testing in accordance with the regulations.At the same time, please take the initiative to contact Guangzhou Cotton working class (contact: Mr. Yi, Mr. Lai, tel: 18818852107, 13660257012).2. All personnel who visited other floors and surrounding areas of Cotton International Garment City from March 4 to March 8, 2022 are required to take nucleic acid tests three times within seven days and perform self-health monitoring. If they have ten symptoms such as cold and fever, please report to local health and disease control departments and communities in a timely manner.Iii. Please abide by the epidemic prevention policies, do not believe or spread rumors, and take good personal protection.Those who refuse to comply with the above requirements and cause the spread of the epidemic will be held accountable according to law.