Xiawo town on the block “scouts” incarnation of “five” to guard the safe home

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The elephant journalists Bass ch Yang Linyang ability style for further troop construction, shangjie gorge nest town combined with work reality, embodiment “scouts” are the “five”, “advocate”, “the runner”, “mediators”, “w”, “the guardian” to promote peace, security, service work, such as the people can mention in the hone,In the forward development.Be a good propagandist for safe construction.Players into LouYuan jurisdiction street, the street merchants and so on, through the way of issuing publicity page, for area residents in their interpretation of the life fire prevention, guard against theft, fraud, prevent accidents prevention knowledge and the matters needing attention, actively guide area residents crowd safety concerns around conscientiously checking habit, avoid the happening of safety accidents.Be a good messenger of social conditions and public opinion.The team members went deep into the streets and buildings of the district, through communication with the people of the district, collected social situation and public opinion, and listened to the aspirations of the people in the work, and actively reported to solve the confusion and needs of the people of the district.In one, one by one for the masses to solve trouble, in addition to confusion in the process, the players became the incarnation of the social situation of public opinion “delivery member”, with the sincere exchange for the masses, won the praise of the masses.Be a good mediator of conflicts and disputes.Players were devoted to the study to resolve disputes in the training, active learning advanced experience pollster, combined with the actual situation of disputes, the use of laws and regulations, social morality, family ethics, with kind words, make scientific psychology to persuade, use science conciliation skills, resolve disputes, exclude the unrest,In the continuous success of resolving conflicts and disputes effectively tempered, improve the ability of mediation work.Do a good job for the people “waiter”.Through civilized language, duty etiquette, traffic gesture training and other training, establish a good team image.To promote the activity of “one party member one flag, one advanced one benchmark”, actively learn the work experience of advanced patrol squadron and outstanding patrol members’ deeds, with the typical infection around the members, actively do good things for the masses, do practical things, solve difficult problems, and constantly improve the sense of security and happiness of the local people.Do a good job of security guard.Carry out the pace of the queue, catch the enemy technology, fire and flood control, epidemic prevention and control, emergency response post training activities, strive to build a peacetime service, emergency emergency, wartime combat defense force, and strive to promote the safe construction of Xiawo town to a new level.Correspondent Guo Jinhai