With scenery comparable to xuanwu Lake, Nanjing lakeview Wetland Park has beautiful scenery and is an excellent place for leisure

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There are two beautiful lakes near xianlin Campus of Nanjing University in Jiangsu Province, one named Yangshan Lake and the other named Xianlin Lake.Two parks were built around the two lakes, both of which are beautiful places and have become the emerging tourist destinations and card resorts of Nanjing city.Xianlin Lake is located on the east side of Xianlin Campus of Nanjing University. Relying on Xianlin Lake and embellished with small islands, it looks like Xuanwu Lake in the city center and is the largest lakeview park in Nanjing besides Xuanwu Lake.Xianlin Lake is a boxy lake that takes up most of the park, followed by the islands, which are surrounded by green Spaces and squares that make it feel more like a wetland.The whole park has floating lu Island, Pear Island, Spring and Autumn Island, North Tingzhou, Xiting State islands, as well as qinglian Square, celadon square block, there are hanging sash with shadow, stacked stone Linji, blue wave gorgeous, qiulin sing late, frolicking shallow plate, grass tinggu shore, lake wind cuiping, Xigang He Bay, Xiaobo fenghe landscape.Between these lakes and islands are bluestone lakeshore, green lawns, metasequoia forests, cherry blossom forests, lotus ponds, and crabapple forests, all of which are almost net red elements.Cherry blossoms and begonias will bloom in spring, lotus will lead the summer scenery, and metasequoia forest will become the last song in autumn, so the scenery here is beautiful all year round.There are also five stone Bridges between the islands, namely Wenqu Bridge, Wenyin Bridge, Buqing Bridge, Zhishan Bridge and Wenqing Bridge.Perhaps to highlight the elements of a university town, the name of each stone bridge here is full of literary atmosphere.They not only serve to connect the islands, but also become beautiful landscapes.Besides those mentioned above, canna, rose, lavender and weeping willow are also found in Xianlin Lake Park, which is full of flowers and green grass in spring and summer.Because it is far away from the downtown of Nanjing, there are relatively few visitors. The environment is quiet and the air is fresh. It is a very good leisure resort.Xianlin Lake Park not only has beautiful scenery, but also has a long history and beautiful legends.Because here near the crane mountain, mountain into the forest, so named forest.Xianlin lake, named Xianlin Lake.It is said that xianlin Lake existed a long time ago and was much larger than it is now.Is said to have been inhabited here in more than 7000 years ago, the three sons of southern dynasty liang emperor (Xiao Hong Xiao Hui Xiao Zhan) were buried here, the Ming dynasty’s founding emperor zhu yuanzhang (nanjing) used in deqing against set crane mountain Taoist temple near to live more than a year of time, late qing dynasty to assist Lin zexu non-smoking, governor, governor of guangdong and fujian and zhejiang deng tingzhen born here, too.The location of Xianlin Lake is also very advantageous. Qixia Mountain is less than 3 kilometers to the northwest, Tangshan mountain is about 5 kilometers to the south, Baohua Mountain of Jurong is about 10 kilometers to the east, Yangshan mountain is not far to the west, and Zhongshan scenic spot is further away.Nanjing metro Line 2 and Line 4 have stops near Xianlin Lake, so it is very convenient to visit here. There are also convenient buses to the scenic spots mentioned above.As Xianlin Lake Park became more and more beautiful, nearby buildings mushroomed.But I see an interesting phenomenon is that everyone is praising the beauty of Xianlin Lake, but it is very bad to sing xianlin Lake around the real estate, it is said that several real estate prospects are not good nearby.Maybe it’s because it’s far away from Nanjing city and the supporting facilities are not perfect, so people don’t want to live here.However, with the development of Nanjing city, here should become prosperous sooner or later, to where xianlin Lake may become a lake in the city, Xianlin Lake park will become a flood of visitors to the net red card.Location: Xianlin Lake Road west, Qixia District, Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province self-drive Route: search “Nanjing Xianlin Lake Park” with navigation software, and drive to the park according to the given route in the navigation.Public transportation: Nanjing South railway Station/Nanjing Station — take Nanjing Metro Line 3 — “Jiming Temple” station, transfer to Nanjing Metro Line 4 — “Xianlin Lake” station, and walk there.I am chu Yule travel notes, efforts to travel China, discover beautiful scenery, record the journey fun, welcome to pay attention to.Note, some pictures from the network, if infringement please contact delete.Excellent recommendation:Hidden in the nanjing city garden land, is mei appreciation.it, only 500 metres from the Confucius temple here scenery than hangzhou west lake, there are flowers all the year round, the original is nanjing web celebrity clock in linqing this private garden, landscape similar to suzhou humble administrator’s garden, become one of the clock in shandong web celebrity to wuxi the ecology garden beautiful scenery, known as city medium and small forest,It turned out to be the forgotten old street in Ningbo, the holy land of net red card, with original streets and lanes, once as famous as Hanling Old Street