What is the performance of flat link link

2022-06-08 0 By

Card block flat ring chain ring because of its special shape, also known as big belly chain ring, referred to as flat ring.To connect reinforced mining chain and have the corresponding intensity of use, shandong Ed on the card flat ring connect link special research and development design, makes the YiDePing ring at the link intensity than DIN standard level 2 ring chain or a flat 25% higher than that of the chain, the data prove that Ed by the performance of the link can completely replace the imported products.Furthermore, through the careful selection of raw materials and special heat treatment process, the performance of the edding ring connection ring conforms to the second part of din 22258:2003 standard.The structural characteristics of the flat link chain link determine that it can only be installed on the horizontal plane, and the installation design specification enables the chain to engage the sprocket safely.And the r & D, production and testing of Adping link link conform to Q/AID01-2013 “Technical Specification for Mining Flat link link”.The fatigue test cycle of Ed card block flat ring chain ring is at least 100,000 times (typical 150,000 times), the amplitude is ±100N/mm2, the average stress is 150N/mm2, and the minimum KV impact value is 55J (typical 70J).It can be seen from the above data that the chain link produced by Eide has high performance and reliable product quality.