We are grateful to you for the successful conclusion of the pioneer Owners Commendation Meeting

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At 10:00 a.m. on February 19, 2022, the commendation conference of “Anti-epidemic Pioneer Owners” of Anyang Weadi Real Estate Co., LTD was held in Wanhe City Marketing Center as scheduled.The commendation congress plague pioneer owner, chief executive of the weft land – poles of delivering, the conference also invited to the geophysical community – secretary yan, taihang road community – the arrival of the secretary of the jing, secretary of the two all said: thank you for filling property and the owner’s support for community resistance to disease, epidemic situation is far from over, epidemic prevention to remain rigorous, fine.Zhou Hua, General manager of Weidi Property Service Co., LTD., Zhang Jingli, property manager of Sunshine New Town, and Han Ningning, Zhang Jiaming and Wang Ming, representatives of pioneer owners made speeches respectively.Weft to realty service co., LTD., general manager – firo sunshine new town property manager Zhang Jingli disease resistant pioneer owner representative ning-ning han disease resistant pioneer owner representative zhang yoga inscription resistance to disease pioneer owner representative wang Ming in 2022, weft property will be higher requirements and standards, continuous self-improvement and improve, continue to carry forward the “innovation, responsibility, dedication and the pursuit of” the spirit,From the present things show the level, from the details of the table quality.Look forward to more exchanges with you, more tacit understanding.