Actual combat Day 41: Idle fish without supply project, from 0 to 1, actual combat live

2022-06-08 0 By

Hello, I’m Wang Yufeng.Today is the 41st day of the actual combat live broadcast of idle fish without supply project. Let’s see the fruits of today’s labor.At the end of the article added a small knowledge of idle fish operation.The basic work of idle Fish unstocked project is to insist on new products every day. Today we have 4 new products.Insist on continuous new, believe in the power of repetition.As of the time of screenshot, the exposure amount of today is 4423, 1000+ higher than yesterday.Exposure inquiries and transactions today 7 inquiries, 0 transactions.The target of the free fish supply project is to steadily produce 10 orders per day, which is 10 orders short of the target.If you need to participate in the idle fish supply project together, you can add our wechat to supervise each other and stick to the operation.Write in the last beautiful dreams and goals, and then perfect plans and programs, if not as soon as possible in the implementation of the action, the final can only be an armchair strategist.Haste makes waste, can withstand the early loneliness, to keep the prosperity of the late!Take steps, no matter how long the road is not easy.Stagnation, and then a short road is difficult to reach!Growth is a tortuous road, it is difficult to go, all the way through thorns.Growth is a metamorphosis again and again, each metamorphosis is a breakthrough to the original limit, so it will be very painful.Therefore, the growth of the road needs to continue to challenge and insist, there is no shortcut, need to step by step to the front!Idle fish operation small knowledge to ask: brand products can go up?A: First of all, we know that Xianyu is a second-hand trading platform for unused products, so the products to be listed on the brand can only be marked as second-hand and cannot be listed after being sold. A new link must be issued.If it’s back on the shelf, the system will think it’s brand new.If it’s brand new, it’s against the rules.You are welcome to pay attention, and you can also urge me to timely feedback on the operation of the project.If you want to change yourself, set a goal for yourself, even a small one.Then start a project from zero like I did, and I believe your perception of the project will change dramatically.On a scale of five out of five, the operation difficulty of this project is 1, which means that if you just do it, you will get results.Share here today, follow me, witness the infinite possibilities!First published in April 2022.4, official account: Wang Yufeng