Wang Haoyu attended the city’s “credit easy loan” work forum and made arrangements

2022-06-07 0 By

In order to give full play to the financing role of “credit easy loan” in assisting small, medium and micro enterprises and maintain the provincial and national advantages of “credit easy loan” work in Our city, the municipal government organized a symposium on promoting “credit easy loan” work on February 14.Vice Mayor Wang Haoyu attended the meeting and made arrangements for the work of “Xinyi Dai”.At the meeting, the heads of financial institutions summarized the financing and credit granting situation through the national “Credit yi dai” platform in 2021, carefully analyzed the shortcomings and problems in the work, and communicated with each other on the work plan in 2022.Wang Haoyu stressed at the meeting that financial institutions should pay more attention to promote the quality and efficiency of “Xinyidai”, establish a racing mechanism, and maintain the monthly growth momentum of “Xinyidai” credit.All counties (cities) and districts should strengthen the publicity of “Credit”, do a good job of entering market entities and verifying the real name of the platform. At the same time, they should intensify efforts of “credit” to serve new agricultural business entities, and select some villages and towns to carry out “credit” pilot work according to the actual situation within the jurisdiction to help rural revitalization.The meeting was presided over by Luan Guohui, director of municipal Bureau of Statistics, and attended by leaders of Municipal Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, major leaders of financial institutions, leaders in charge of county (city) district government and major leaders of county (city) district bureau of Statistics.