The scoring mechanism of “League of Legends mobile Game” has been greatly changed. How to use auxiliary bits to score quickly?

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In League of Legends mobile game, the auxiliary position has no human rights, and it is difficult to dominate the victory of the whole battle. The victory or loss depends on the performance of teammates, so few players will specialize in this position.Just a few days ago, the official game for the auxiliary bit of an enhancement, the auxiliary players at the end of the game is easier to get high score, effectively for Hex energy, so that the auxiliary players can more easily score.So how exactly to use the auxiliary mechanism on points?Now I’m going to give you some tips to help you with dividing.At present, the position of the mobile tour is more focused on the understanding of the version than the operation. If you want to get the line weight quickly online, the best way is to use some version of the strong auxiliary, such as hammer Stone, Luo, etc..However, these heroes usually require a high level of proficiency, and it is very difficult to play the magic effect, and they are easy to kill directly, let alone use the mechanic to score.Therefore, we should choose some helpers that have team gain or harassment, such as Burning Man, Senna, etc., only need to lose a few skills can get assists, effectively guarantee their KDA data, get a high score.Let’s take burning Man as an example.At the beginning of the line, both ADS have no bloodsucking ability and low recovery ability. At this time, they should stand in the grass so that the opponent cannot know their position in detail, approach the enemy AD through the grass, use W skill to consume the target’s health, and then use EQ double control to avoid damage if the opponent attempts to counter attack.After a few normal waves are spent, the opponent can be pinned under the tower.It is worth noting that the above method of play is aimed at the opponent AD with soft auxiliary, if the first hand ability of the auxiliary, recommend the use of skills after the line harassment, such as opponents take the initiative to come to open, because no one choose a hard auxiliary player is able to hold the gas is not strong.Then there’s the battle side.Just mentioned to ensure their OWN KDA to get a high score, so here must be obscene to save life.Burning man does not belong to is open in the team, so does not need to take the initiative to go to EQ is dizzy, obscene behind throw skill is good, when teammates open group or be open cast R and E skills first of all, the two directional skills to make his receive high assists, then use W and Q output according to the circumstance and control.According to the above mentioned alignment and group thinking, even if you fail at the end of the team can also get a high score, effectively ensure that you will not lose points with the team.In fact, in mobile games, the auxiliary bit is not as harsh as the end game, the threshold is very low, basically can be said to have a hand on the line, if you want to top points, the auxiliary bit is absolutely a good choice.So at the beginning of this season, will you choose supporting heroes to score points?