Official establishment!City public security bureau to recruit 1642 people’s police!Register from February 18th to February 22nd

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In accordance with the Civil Servant Law and regulations on Civil Servant Recruitment, The Bureau of Civil Service of Henan Province will organize and implement the recruitment of civil servants at the first level and below and at other comparable levels in the province’s 2022 unified examination.01 Recruitment Plan The province plans to employ 7,993 civil servants and the organs (units) managed by referring to the Civil servant Law, among which 1,642 people’s policemen are to be recruited by municipal Public Security Bureau. The specific recruitment positions and relevant requirements are shown in the job table.1. Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;2.above 18 and below 35 (born between February 1986 and February 2004);3. To uphold the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system;4. Have good political quality and moral conduct;5. Have the physical condition and psychological quality to perform their duties normally;6. Ability to work in line with the position requirements;7. Students with junior college degree or above (graduates of regular institutions of higher learning in 2022 should obtain their diplomas before July 31, 2022);Graduates of senior working class and preparatory technician (technician) class of full-time technical colleges in our province can apply for the examination according to the education level of junior college and undergraduate respectively.8. Have plans to hire job requirements of other qualifications, including professional batchlor according to the Ministry of Education and the State Council issued the condition of “higher vocational education of ordinary colleges and universities (specialist) professional catalogue, the catalog of major of undergraduate course of common colleges and universities, the catalog of graduate student training subject, concrete is controlled by the following principles:The professional requirements of the post are subject category (category), that is, the majors and first-level disciplines contained in the category (category) meet the requirements;If the specialty requirements are first-level disciplines, that is, the second-level disciplines included in the first-level disciplines all meet the requirements;For “higher vocational education of ordinary colleges and universities (specialist) professional catalogue, the catalog of major of undergraduate course of common colleges and universities, and not specified in the catalog of graduate student training subject corresponds to its own discipline (professional) and study abroad professionals, with reference to the main subject, research direction, the learning content and position requirements such as overall judgment;9. Having other requirements stipulated by laws and regulations.Applicants should log in henan Personnel Examination website, “Yu Shi Ban” APP or “Yu Shi Ban” Alipay mini program to log in the registration system from 9∶00 On February 18, 2022 to 17∶00 on February 22, 2022, fill in and save the registration application as required.The preliminary qualification examination is conducted automatically and immediately by the registration system, which mainly checks whether the information filled in by the applicants is complete and whether the format is correct.Once the application is saved successfully, it will pass the preliminary examination of qualification.Applicants who pass the preliminary qualification examination cannot change their application to another position or modify any information.Candidates who fail to pass the preliminary examination can revise and complete the relevant information before 17:00, February 22, 2022 and re-submit the application for examination, or they can change to other positions.1. Content.The written test includes two subjects, the administrative vocational ability test and the essay, with a full score of 100 points for each subject.The written test reflects the principle of classification and classification, and the written test score of the organs (units) above the county level and the positions of the township organs are respectively ordered = administrative professional ability test score ×50%+ the results of the discussion ×50%.Public security organ people’s police position written test score = administrative professional ability test score ×40%+ argument score ×30%+ Public security professional subject score ×30%.The scope of written examination refers to the Written Examination Outline of Public Subjects for Recruitment of Civil Servants by Central Organs and its directly affiliated Institutions in 2022 and the Written Examination Outline of Professional Subjects for People’s Police Positions by Public Security Organs in 2022.2. Time and place.9∶00 — 11∶00 am, March 26, 2022, Administrative Vocational Ability Test;14∶00 — 16∶30 PM, March 26, 2022, presentation;9∶00 — 11∶00, March 27, 2022, public Security professional course.The written examination center is located in the provincial government seat.Applicants should bring the admission ticket and their valid ID card, and take the test according to the time, place and relevant requirements specified on the admission ticket.Recruitment announcement: This wechat public number published this article, the purpose is to build a bridge between job seekers and employers, to pass more recruitment information.If the source is wrong or infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us in time. We will correct, delete or deal with it in accordance with the law in time. It is suggested that job seekers should follow the information released by the recruitment body.Pay attention to the public number more administrative organs and public institutions post registration quickly enterprise compliance to find the Central Plains manpower!Private letter public number details flexible employment, single injury, labor outsourcing, labor dispatch, social security agent, natural person open cooperation, artificial customer service to provide you with 24 hours online service!