New Year new atmosphere ‘yue’ reading new life | weifang library reader remarks the successful hosting of the solicitation

2022-06-07 0 By

In order to give full play to the social education function of Weifang Library, enrich and satisfy the cultural and spiritual life of readers and create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere,Weifang Library “Xiaodu Shuxiang · Small love” volunteer service team held the “New Year new atmosphere ‘Yue’ reading new Life” reader message collection activity, the majority of readers have written down their New Year wishes, reading thoughts and other messages to share with you.A piece of sincerity, a wish, a blessing, a share, all give people a warm feeling like spring breeze. The New Year’s message full of warm wishes fills the library with warmth and happiness everywhere.The library is a good place for the general public to “recharge their reading” and enjoy the cultural feast. This activity not only carries forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also transmits the happiness of the whole people to read, which is deeply loved and praised by the majority of readers.YiZhanZhan lanterns hanging high festival, Taiwan’s reunion joy, one message embedded with true feelings, success of this activity is the icing on the cake for the New Year, let readers into the library at the same time of meet the demand of reading during the Spring Festival, and promise the New Year wishes and blessings for the year of the tiger, let whole the year of the tiger is full of warmth.