It will be a new beginning for The Chinese women’s soccer team if they win the gold medal. “Super captain” Wang Shanshan said she would set a good example

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Yangtze Evening News network On February 5th (reporter Sun Yunyue zhang Chen Asdan Zhang Hao) Beijing time at 19:00 on February 6th, the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup final, China women’s football team will be against South Korea women’s football team, to the championship launched the final impact!Today, The captain of The Chinese women’s football team Wang Shanshan and head coach Shui Qingxia attended the pre-match press conference.”The last match was really exhausting, but NOW I’m making positive adjustments to prepare for the match with Korea,” Wang said.For me there is no big pressure, we are in the final and the most important thing is to enjoy the football.My job is to keep the team moving forward, and I have to lead by example so that I can motivate my teammates.Of course winning the Asian Cup would be a good start for us as a new team.”As for South Korea, Wang said: “Chi is Korea’s core player, she is a perfect player, she threatens all areas of the court.””Tomorrow is the last game, which is very important for us, and both teams will definitely be very focused on attack and defense,” Wang said of the anticipation of tomorrow’s final.If we can win the championship, for our new team, is a new beginning, but also a symbol of success set sail.For me, the team has come to the final.There was no pressure and the goals were very clear.So just sit back, do your best and enjoy the game.”Proofreading su Yun source: Purple Cow News