Do parents make their kids skip meals?You will understand after reading this article

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Rednet moment news on April 6 (correspondent Yang Xiaolin) There are often many mothers to consult children do not love to eat the problem: our children always have a bad appetite, eat what is not sweet, is not lack of what?My child is fast 3 years old, still do not love to have a meal, height also cannot follow up, how to do?My children usually eat like a war, grandma chase after the back feed every day, every meal to worry.When it comes to the baby’s food problem, many parents are a bitter tears!So what are you waiting for?Must give you the most timely parenting treasure book, Zhuzhou maternal and child nutrition clinic Yang Xiaolin doctor for your guidance.No born children do not love to eat, most of the children are small greedy cat, see delicious, like to eat, the nature of food immediately revealed.The child does not love to have a meal, excluded illness, outside lacking some kind of microelement, no more than two reasons, one is not hungry!The other is not wanting to eat!Both of these reasons are mostly parent-led.Health problems if the baby does not love to eat, first of all to rule out whether it is uncomfortable.1. When you’re sick, you’re bound to lose your appetite.The baby’s gastrointestinal development is not perfect, the immune system is more fragile, it is easy to rash, abdominal distention, indigestion, poor appetite and so on.If accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms, you should take the baby to the hospital in time to check the body, rather than forcibly feeding the baby.2. Zinc is a basic component of taste protein. Long-term zinc deficiency can lead to decreased taste sensitivity and affect taste and appetite.Picky and partial food, repeated infectious diseases, sweating children are easy to zinc deficiency.Zinc is found in oysters, red meat and animal offal.Zinc deficiency generally does not occur in children who eat a normal diet and have no disease.If zinc deficiency is also the first choice of tonic food, it is recommended to take the child to a regular hospital for relevant examination, doctors combined with the history and clinical manifestations of zinc deficiency diagnosis, can be targeted treatment, not recommended to take zinc agent.We’ll take a look at that once we’ve ruled out any physical problems.Common mistakes: many old people feel that the baby does not have strength without salt in the food, add salt to the baby’s supplementary food too early, and some families use too rich spices and seasonings for a long time, the baby will be “heavy”, for light food baby does not love to eat.Do this: within the baby one year old, do not add extra salt in the diet, try to keep a light taste after one year old diet, develop good dietary habits.2. Eat snacks, eat sweets common mistakes: most children like to eat snacks, many parents themselves also love to eat snacks, and some parents afraid of the baby hungry, before and after meals to the baby with fruit, cookies, snacks, yogurt and so on…Baby’s appetite is smaller than adults, before dinner mouth, stomach is not idle, long-term so will disturb the gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive fluid secretion law, children are difficult to have regular hunger, also lost interest in eating dinner.Keep added sugars out of your baby’s diet until the age of 1, and limit added sugars to 10 grams per day (as little as possible!) for kids ages 1 to 3.;For older children, no more than 25 grams per day. High-sugar foods such as candy, desserts, ice cream and sweet drinks can be eaten occasionally, but never every day.Common mistakes: parents unilaterally pursue high energy, high protein food, ignore the necessity of a balanced diet, grain, vegetable intake is insufficient, resulting in children’s long-term dietary imbalance damage stomach, cause indigestion, indigestion and so on.Do this: in the choice of food, should pay attention to avoid high sugar, high oil food, high protein food should also be appropriate, potato chips, chocolate, candy such high-calorie snacks should be as little as possible to the baby to eat.4. Common misunderstandings: children do not have enough exercise, metabolism is slow, gastrointestinal digestive function is not strengthened.For example, after eating breakfast, not exercising all morning, by lunchtime, breakfast has not been fully digested, let alone the feeling of hunger.In fact, children need far more exercise to maintain healthy development than most parents realize.Do this: Children aged 3-6 should have at least 180 minutes of accumulated exercise every day, including at least 60 minutes of moderate or above intensity exercise (brisk walking, throwing and picking up a ball, running, etc.), and at least 120 minutes of outdoor activities.Common mistake: Many parents chase their babies to feed.Baby eat slowly, parents chase after feeding;Feel the baby is not full, parents chase after feeding;Baby leftovers, parents chase after feed…This is lazy;Over time, the baby will lose interest in eating, thinking that if I don’t eat, someone will feed me.Do this: parents should give the baby to establish the rules of “eat on time”, the baby knows whether he is hungry or not, if the baby does not want to eat, parents do not chase after feeding, but tell the baby, if this time do not eat, will wait until the next meal to eat, and the middle of this time is no other food for you to eat.6. Single type of complementary food common mistake: when adding supplementary food to the baby, many parents see what the baby likes to eat and always give the baby what to do, or for the convenience of the baby has always done the same dish, after a long time, of course, the baby will be tired of eating.Do this: so parents as much as possible in the food variety, taste, change the shape, change the beautiful plate, put the food into the image of cartoon characters, let the baby to eat this thing have interest and freshness.7. Bad eating habits common mistake: the baby eating habits of the development is worth paying attention to the problem.Many babies eat while playing toys, watching TV, playing electronic products, attention is not at dinner, patronize watching cartoons, playing games, such eating habits, no matter how delicious the food, the baby will not be good to eat.Do it this way: Parents must develop good eating habits of their babies, eating is eating, do not disturb the baby with other things.Parents can also choose face to face feeding, which not only ensures the safety of the baby, will not fall or fall, but also strengthens the eye contact between the baby and parents, develops the baby’s interest in things and good eating habits, and gradually makes the baby synchronized with the family.At the same time, parents should also do a good role model, do not play with mobile phones and watch TV when eating, otherwise the baby will “learn from others”.8. Accusing and scaring the baby at the time of eating common mistakes: many parents will be angry and anxious to see the baby does not eat well, so as to accuse, scare and force the baby, you know, this is not to solve any problem, the baby will not love to eat more.Baby will think, a meal will be scolded by mom and dad.So parents should calm down first, there are many reasons why the baby does not eat, to observe and communicate with the baby, to determine why the baby does not want to eat, and then use the right way to solve.