The cultural output of “West Street Observation” needs more “One trick is hard to find”

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Three years ready to launch, users with goods fire all over the world, video broadcast over 100 million, peripheral sold out of stock……No one is more popular than bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Offline, thousands of people night row only for a “pier”, online, netizens fancy whole live, all things can be “pier”.The factory’s sewing machines are sprouting sparks, but not enough to keep up with the short-term surge in demand.Bing Dwen Dwen’s popularity seems to have no rules, but in fact there are traces to follow.From Japanese journalist Yoshido Tsujioka’s “No information, but there is Ice Dwen Dwen” to Prince Albert of Monaco’s “Can I have another one” and skier Yiming Su’s eyes, these unexpected happenings, though small, create a sense of contrast.Compared with flat pictures and formal introductions, natural expressions on formal occasions are more likely to arouse curiosity, contrast cuteness with seriousness, and stimulate the audience’s beautiful imagination of Bing Dandong.In addition to the goods from the outside world, as for the ice pier pier himself, also firmly hold the flow password.Carmen video, Snow shaking GIfs, a cute attack from a chubby, chubby giant panda, who can withstand it?From the adorable land to the popular popularity of the whole people, it can not be separated from the second creation with great imagination. The emotives that swept the screen are both cute and funny, giving Bing Dwen Dwen more down-to-earth and personality transmission genes.The stereoscopic images, which do not need language, have nothing to do with gender and cross national boundaries, have become phenomenological network memes, which is exactly the manifestation of the Olympic spirit at the cultural level.Bing Dwen Dwen is not a student without a story.”Ice” symbolizes purity and strength, which is in line with the characteristics of the Winter Olympics.”Dun Dun” means honest, healthy, lively and lovely, which not only fits the overall image of the giant panda, but also symbolizes the strong body, tough will and inspiring Olympic spirit of the Winter Olympic athletes.We have landed on Mars aboard Tianyun-1, sampled on the moon with Chang ‘e-5, visited the China International Import Expo and visited the China Service Trade Fair. Bing Dandan dwen’s experience also has a unique Chinese cultural context.Under the pure and hard shell, there is a soft and warm heart. With such lovely ice blocks as the carrier, the Beijing Winter Olympics will release a friendly and warm signal to the outside world.Cute objects may be small, but they can exert a powerful power to unite people invisible, and become a memory symbol shared by the world.With bingdun Dun fire all over the world, the export of Chinese culture has come naturally.When people at home and abroad have close contact with Bing Dandong, the affinity and confidence of bing Dandong are telling the world a real and warm China.When Japanese journalists such as Yoshido Tsujioka became avid fans of Bing Dwen Dwen, they echoed the love this ancient nation has shown the world.As the mascot of the Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen dwen’s mission is up to the mark.Riding the wind of the Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen will not worry about KPI.With the increase of production capacity, “one pier per person” is sooner or later, but in order to continue to hold the flow password, but also need careful operation and long-term planning, such as the requirements of interactive, mysterious protection, IP development linkage, to ensure that Bing Dun dun from a temporary network red to long red.A “pier” explosive red easy, the “pier” out of the circle difficult.Bing Dwen Dwen’s cultural output is contingent, but it needs to be inevitable.Taking the world-known cultural name cards as the carrier, the contrast and MOE of grounding as the drainage way, and the carnival of the whole people as the communication channel, the output path of Chinese culture is more clear in “dun Dun hot”.To tell the China story well, start with more “Bing Dwen Dwen”.Tang Ytian, commentator of Beijing Business Daily